Best Identity Theft Protection Wallets With RFID Protection

The best identity theft protection wallets must come with reliable RFID and NFC protection, I have found some great wallets that also looks great.

I recently got the amazing Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather from a friend of mine and it is the coolest gift that I have ever got.

But, is identity theft and RFID scams are a real treat? we’ll discuss it here and we’ll also talk on how to protect yourself from pickpockets in general.

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Only someone who has ever been stolen a purse or wallet knows what a traumatic experience it is.
Beyond the stolen money and the headache involved in canceling the credit cards, health cards and more, remember that the most important things we hold close to us, such as: cell phone with all the pictures and memories, the car keys and the house, the dairy and even the Book that we got from someone we love or the picture Of the child who will not return to us.

In last years another method of stealing became a treat, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and identity theft.

Best Identity Theft Protection Wallets With RFID Blocker

Before I give you a list of cool and very practical wallets, let’s talk about What is RFID and Why it is important to protect yourself from it, especially if you have lots of cards in your wallet.

What Is RFID

RFID is an established radio frequency identification technology that has been gaining momentum in recent years and is beginning to penetrate almost all aspects of our lives.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.
In essence, RFID technology allows locating items and identifying objects wirelessly, without the need for a field of vision or direct contact with the object they want to identify.

 best identity theft protection wallets

RFID In Service Of The Pickpockets And Identity Thieves

If you have a credit card that allows you to pay by NFC technology or you go into the office with a magnetic card (RFID) you are in danger of information-stealing more than you can imagine.

The most common technology for cards that allow you to enter your buildings, work or even your gym is RFID – electronic tagging using radio waves so that the chip on your card or tag stores your identification information which is scanned by a dedicated device(card reader).
In the most common case, these card readers will be placed at the entrance and allow to register your entry and exit.

Duplication of an entry ticket can be done easily with simple mobile devices that cost about 50 Dollars.
After that, it takes only a few seconds with the card to load its details into the simple device and at two button presses (the simple devices have only two buttons) the information can be passed to a blank tag that comes included in the price.
On this tag, you can write as many as you want and actually use it as any card you want to duplicate.

A Very common payment technology is NFC, a zero-range communication that can be read from almost any smartphone released in the last years.

The goal is that you will not need to use credit cards anymore and you can pay with your smartphone: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. But that also means that with a free app that can be downloaded from the Google app store you can read any card with an NFC chip, (even if it is located in a wallet), without physically touching it.

With credit cards with NFC, the application will provide you with all the information on the card except for the CVV security card. If you paid using NFC, the app will also provide the entire payment history of the card.

Although these technologies are supposed to protect important information, they are not as secure as you might think and if you do not keep your cards well, it takes only a few seconds and inexpensive equipment to replicate your information without your knowledge.

“Today everyone uses the cards that keep certain information that can be read by electromagnetic waves,” explains Shai Kativ, a lecturer at Ness College, which specializes in technological and managerial training and certification.

Whether it’s an NFC on a credit card that lets you pay by touch or RFID cards used to sign in to work. Like everything, there are some security problems that need to be solved. “

Are identity theft and RFID scams are a real treat?

Well, it depends on who you are asking.

According to this interesting article, it is not a treat at all and RFID protection wallets are just a waste of money.

Yes, it is true that we don’t see lots of crimes connected to RFID and NFC, however, the cautious people among us will tell you that the potential of these types of crimes is very big and will increase with the rise of technology and NFC and electronic cards usage.

What do you do to be as protected as possible when carrying lots of cards and credit cards?

The best tip is to keep your important private information close to you and not leave your cards on a table in a cafe, on a bench in the garden or anywhere else you think you are safe in.

There are special anti-theft wallets for credit cards, such as EKSTER and SECRID where a special compartment is found that once you insert the cards inside you can not read them.

Some of these wallets are not only able to protect your cards from RFID stealing but they also look amazing and some of them even come with a GPS tracking device so you will be able to find them quickly and easily.

Best Identity Theft Protection Wallets That Are Also The Most Beautiful And Stylish

1. Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet

The Ekster wallet has RFID/NFC blocking cardholder, has room for 10+ cards, looks awesome, made of top-grain leathers by Dutch designers and has a cool feature – a Quick Card Access which allows you to draw out your card in a push of a button.

You can check it out here on Amazon!

Check out this video of the Ekster wallet

2. Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather RFID Card Case Max 12 Cards

In the modern era, when credit cards are replacing cash in our wallets, the need for a new wallet to suit the modern consumer’s pocket has increased.

Check it out here on Amazon!

The Dutch company Secrid has accepted the challenge and has introduced the revolutionary CardProtector, the 2010 Red Dot Design Award.

The Secrid wallet allows easy carrying of cards, without fraying or breaking, and protection against theft of RFID credit information.

At the bottom of the secretaries is a jump button that “jumps” the cards in a gradual manner for easy retrieval of the relevant card.

I especially love the “SlimWallet” model – Ultra-slim aluminum wallet model suitable for 12 credit cards that will be available exactly as you need them, special cells for extra cards and extra space for bills.

This Wallet is made of hard aluminum and leather that protects cards from scratches and wear, suitable to your credit cards, business cards, identification cards (driver’s license), employee card and more.

3. Secrid Twin Wallet leather

another great RFID protector wallet from Secrid.
This one here is for the heavy users if you have lots of credit cards than this wallet will be a great choice for you!

This wallet has a place in it for up to 17 cards! while still remaining a compact and classic size and shape and it offers the best cardholder out there.

This one will definitely be my next purchase.

You can check it out here on Amazon!

4. Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Wallet 

This one is for the women among us.
I have researched quite a lot in order to find a wallet for women with a quality RFID blocker that looks good, have enough space and with a good price tag.

The wallet of Itslife is very spacious and has one of the best RFID blockers in the world.
With a price tag that starts with only 33 Dollars, it is my recommended one.

You can check it out here on Amazon!

How to protect yourself from pickpockets in General

The term “professional pickpockets” is not uncommon. This is not about occasional chaos, but about well-planned reconciliation operations.

The pickpockets actually go on a “day of work” and lurk to innocent people in public places.
They will usually work in coordinated pairs, with one creating a diversion and the other doing the theft.

Professionalism is expressed in other ways. For example, it is important to remove from the head the figure of the classic pickpocket or felon, because they will assimilate in the environment so well that they will never raise your suspicion.

They go to a certain place and just wait and try to locate a potential victim. They have patience and are in no hurry, so they have no problem also to follow for a long time after someone until they find the opportunity. In a moment of inattention, they will act and disappear in the blink of an eye, unnoticed.

Here is an important video that shows some sophisticated methods used by professional pickpockets to steal bags and wallets. Below the video, you will find what you need to do to avoid being stolen and what to do if you have already been taken apart from your bag or wallet.

To avoid becoming victims, it is very important to be alert and aware of the location of your valuables.

Here are some basic rules:

  • Do not hold the purse or bag behind your back.
  • Always close the zipper of the bag.
  • Do not leave and leave, or turn your back even for a moment from your belongings.
  • Pay attention to the person who clings or collides with us.
  • Be alert to hidden Glances between two people.

To minimize the damage:

  • Avoid holding large sums of money in cash.
  • Do not hold many credit cards together.

If heaven forbid, you have experienced an event of theft, it is important to do a number of things:

  • First, you have to act coolly, so you can try to reconstruct the events.
  • Do not hesitate to contact a security guard immediately. In most places today there are security cameras and it will be possible to catch the pickpocket even within a few minutes.
  • Try to restore your usual thoughts, it will help you detect an unusual event that occurred. For example: “I thought about what to prepare for eating when the guy with the red shirt rubbed my back.”
  • Try to think whether you stood in lines and who was before you and behind you in line.
  • Try to return to the places you visited, and ask about an incident or suspicious person.
  • Try to remember unusual events, if someone bumps into you, if you bent to lace your shoes or if there was an unexplained fuss or anything that could be a distraction.
  • If strangers approached you with questions or just suddenly made small talk, this too could indicate an attempt to divert attention.

These actions will help you locate the thief quickly, or give us a detailed and accurate description to the police.

All these tips are good and beautiful, but more important than anything is to be alert when we are in public places.
This is the best preventative medication that will save you a lot of headaches and severe emotional injury.

Be aware of your environment and make life hard for pickpockets – if too much effort envolves for them, they will not bother to mess with you!

I hope that we helped you with finding the best identity theft protection wallets with RFID protection and that now you know better how to protect yourself from pickpockets.

If you are using an anti-theft wallet please share it with us in the comment below.

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