Which Baby Carrier Is Best For Baby Hips? Our Top 3 Picks

If you know my blog then you must have noticed that I write a lot about baby carriers and it is one of the first things that I bought when my wife got pregnant.
But which baby carrier is best for your baby hips?
I picked for you 3 carriers that are considered as very comfortable for the hips of the baby.

We all have bought the perfect bouncy seats for the babies, and they like, but as soon as they want to get in our arms, no fancy swing or seat can stop them.
As much as parents love to cozy up the baby in their arms, it becomes tedious while doing the chores as we don’t have the steel arms, right? This is why baby carriers have become a thing, but one cannot name it a necessity.
However, if you want to carry the baby around and stay hands-free for carrying out the chores, these carriers will be the lifesavers.

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Best Baby Carriers For Baby Hips

Let’s accept the fact that no matter how fancy the baby stroller look, they can be pretty hard to manage in crowded spaces like the stadiums and airports.

With the baby carrier, you not only give your arms a much-needed break (parent would understand!), but the baby will be happy to see your face all the time (another thing the parents can relate to.).

In other words, no matter where you want to go, grocery runs, or the hiking trails, these little pieces of clothes and straps will make your life easy.

While choosing the baby carriers, you need to select the carriers that support the hip and help in avoiding the hips dysplasia in the babies. If you have been on the lookout, we have added the best baby carriers for the hips support in the babies.

However, before we move on to the carriers, let us walk you through the different types of carriers, so you don’t make the wrong investment choice!

  • Wraps – This is the long piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the body, starting from the shoulders to the mid-body. This wrapping will create the space to carry the baby.
  • Slings – This is the fabric that will cover the torso and shoulder to create carrying space for the baby.
  • Structured Carriers – This is a sort of backpack that will fall at the front through the padding and strapping system. Some carriers also offer the back carrying.

How to choose a baby carrier for a healthy hip position to prevent hip dysplasia

These are the main things to pay attention to:

  • A wide-based carrier that will allow a healthy M- shape position with the knees elevated above the torso
  • The thighs have to be supported up to the knee joint
  • Thighs should be spread around the mother’s torso, the baby carrier must let the legs spread and not to force them to stay together
  • A soft carrier in the shape a wrap or a sling is recommended as it allows the natural C-spine shape of the baby

You can read more about it on the international hip dysplasia institute website.

Here are some of the best Wrap Baby Carriers for baby hips – These are soft, comfortable, cheap, and you can buy them easily on Amazon.

1. Boba Wrap

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If you are going low on the budget and still want a convenient way to carry your baby, the Boba Wrap is your answer, which has a multitude of color options.

The best thing about this wrap is its diversity as it can carry the baby of around 35 pounds, and with the cotton breathability, the baby will be comfortable while hugging you around.

The cotton fabric is very stretchable which makes it wearable for everyone (yes, with that bulging postpartum bodies too!) However, as the wraps use the soft fabric, it will take time to master its wrapping.

2. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

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As long as the baby is around 35 pounds, this baby carrier is an apt option. There are two fabric options; simple and stretchable cotton, while the other one uses a combination of cotton and mesh.

However, both the options are breathable, so your baby doesn’t feel the discomfort through the every-going air circulation.

The carrier is very comfortable as there are nary pinch points. The best part is the easy washing and easy usability.

The carrier comes with the connector loop and wide shoulder straps to ensure equal weight distribution.

In other words, the baby will be positioned perfectly while they are snuggled in your arms.

3. Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

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This ring sling is a considerable mixture of cotton and Tencel, which not only makes the carrier soft but breathable as well.

The air circulation given the breathability will ensure there is no excessive moisture, which is directly proportional to less odor and the bacteria.

The carrier is available in multiple patterns and colors.

To meet the diverse needs, the carrier is adjustable, and you can choose the best size by using the ring. This carrier will give head and neck support to the baby while developing the hips.

The fabric is very soft that is suitable to curve the spine of the newborn baby, and it will straighten the body along with the legs to ensure there is no risk of hip dysplasia.

However, if you have the neck and shoulder pain issue, you shouldn’t invest in this carrier.

I hope that your baby will find these carriers comfortable for his hips and I surely hope that both of you will enjoy traveling together at least as much as me and my baby did.

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