Which Baby Carrier Is Easiest To Put On? 13 Best Options

As a hiking enthusiast, I haven’t stopped doing it even when my baby was born.

An easy-to-put-on baby carrier was one of the first things that I needed to buy and after trying a few of them the carrier of BabyBjörn was my favorite.

easy to put on baby carrier - BabyBjörn

As soon as those little rays of sunshine come into our lives, they become the apple of our eyes and the parents would do anything to keep them comfortable and to watch them giggle with glee.

However, there is a plethora of overwhelming shopping that comes with it and the most essential thing is the babywear.

If you are a fan of the zoo, you must have seen the kangaroos carrying its baby in the belly bag. For the human babies, the artificial baby bags aka baby carriers are the big hit and parents are able to carry the babies on their stomach.

The baby carriers are perfectly fine to carry the babies if you are out running errands, traveling, or hiking your way up on the cliffs and mountain trails.

These baby carriers aren’t only convenient but look trendy as well for modern parents. The baby carriers can be pretty handy and if you want to get your hands on one, we have devised a list of best-in-parenting carriers.

However, you will need to choose between different types of carriers such as the baby carrier wraps, soft structured carriers for multiple carrying position support, and baby carrier backpacks.

While you are choosing the baby carrier, you need to consider the following points;

  • The carrier should be soft and comfortable for the baby as nothing should poke your baby
  • Choose the carrier that has sturdy and padded straps coupled with the strong buckles to keep everything in place
  • The carrier should make a proper separation for the baby’s legs
  • The base strap should be comfortable to keep the back away from pressure
  • The carrier should be easily washable so that there are no coffee stains on the carrier (we all get the guilt!)

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Now that you are aware of multiple types of baby carriers and what factors to look for, let us walk you through different types of baby carriers, have a look!

13 Easiest-To-Put-On Baby-Carriers

1. Ergobaby 360

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This baby carrier has made it to the top of the list for all the right reasons because we couldn’t help but swan about the top-notch quality material. If you want diversity, this carrier will offer four different carrying positions and no matter how chubby your baby is, this carrier is strong enough to hold him/her. This carrier can carry the baby of around 33 pounds maximum which is alright for the infant.

This baby carrier features the hip development position support through the ergonomic position. This feature will develop the spine and hips of the baby. This carrier has multiple sizing options to match the needs of both mommy and daddy without buying the separate carriers.

2. Moby Fit Wrap

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This baby carrier is the perfect integration of versatility and comfort topped with the adjustable features. The adjustability is possible with the soft-structure and ring slings. The carriers use the soft, breathable, and comfortable fabrics to make it easy for the baby and make it easy to clean. This carrier offers two carrying positions; front-outward and front inward. The carrier is pretty flexible to use and parents can use it to carry their munchkins around.

3. Tula Half Buckle Carrier

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This baby carrier is perfect equally for the newborns and toddlers and with the multiple (three) carrying positions. This carrier uses hybrid features for ultimate comfort and fits for the baby.

The carrier uses the buckled system to keep the seat in place. There are different colors and patterns available; however, there is no option for front-facing. Many people think that this carrier is a bit expensive but given the fact that it can carry the baby of up to four years, it’s a good investment.

4. Thule Sapling Elite

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If you are a sporty person, your kids must never get in the way rather, why not take them with you? So, with this baby carrier, you can wear your baby around yourself while going for the hike. This is a small carrier and has the space to carry extra diapers while going out for the long day. The carrier is sporting the hydration sleeve in which you can carry three liters of water. You can wear the carrier on the backpack and wit the smart mirror; you can keep an eye on your baby while he/she enjoys a free ride on the back.

5. Baby Sling and Ring Sling 

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If you don’t want to go overboard and stick with minimalism, this ring sling is the apt fit. The parents can wear clothing around the rings and create a hammock to carry the baby. The best thing is that you can kiss the baby’s top of the head without stretching out. This carrier can carry the baby of around 35 pounds without worrying about it getting torn. In other words, this ring sling is perfect for an infant as well as the toddler.

6. Baby K’tan Original Carrier

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No, this carrier will not require you to wrap the baby like a tortilla wrap and is featuring the two-piece wrap. The carrier uses the dual main section and the security sash to keep the baby safe. The wrapping process is the easiest which ensures that you can carry the baby in and out in a jiffy. However, one drawback of this carrier is that there is null size diversity and you will need to invest in separate carriers if mommy and daddy are of different heights.

7. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

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This backpack like the carrier is the apt fit if you are running low on budget while ensuring that your baby is comfortable. The carrier has a thick strap system, lumbar padding, and the padded hip belt to keep the baby safe and ensure the right body development.

There are separate pockets on the carrier in which you can carry the milk bottles and even the diapers. This carrier is strong enough to carry the baby of a maximum of 33 pounds which is pretty much. On top of the head, this carrier comes with the retractable canopy to ensure the baby is comfortably cool and dry.

8. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

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We know these munchkins are the cutest creature but it is also true that their expenses are pretty high. This carrier is perfect for the parents on budget and if the baby is chubby, you don’t need to worry because it can carry the baby of up to 32 pounds. The dual carrying positions are available; outward and inward while keeping the baby on the back. To ensure a comfortable fit, waist belt, straps, and seat can be adjusted. However, this isn’t apt for the regular use but is apt for the short trips!

9. Acrabros Baby Wrap Carrier,Hands Free Baby Carrier Sling

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This carrier offers dual carrying positions and three sizes for carrying the different weights of the babies. Integra Baby carrier is a perfect option for the parents who want to make a style statement even with the baby wrap. It is sporting the soft structure which carries the baby with care and love. The best thing is that mothers can breastfeed babies directly without taking them out of the carrier.

10. Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier

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This carrier is sporting the perfect lumbar support and the adjustable belt is proficient in customizing the weight balancing of the baby. You can use the carriers for dual back settings in H and X form. There are six carrying positions for the baby and the availability of air panel will keep the baby safe and cool. The carrier can carry the baby of around 45 pounds and if an additional insert is added, the weight-bearing can be increased to 52 pounds!

11. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original

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If you want easy to use carriers, this is the suitable fit because one buckle and one unbuckle and the baby is in and out in a jiffy. The straps are X-shaped to balance the baby’s weight equally on the back. The weight-bearing is around 25 pounds which means that a baby of one year can use it at the maximum. However, you might want to consider that this carrier allows carrying the baby at the front only.

12. Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

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This is the traditional wrap for the babies and it is a one-piece wrap that allows the parents to wrap, tie, and tuck the baby as you want to give the high adjustability features. The soft and lightweight modal is perfect to rock the carrier on the bright summer days. This carrier has the limitation of carrying the baby maximum of 25 pounds and can carry the baby in inward-facing.

13. Beco Gemini

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This popular baby carrier was chosen by the Wirecutter as the easiest one to use.
Instead of talking about it, let me just show you a video demonstration of how easy it is to put it on.

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