Birthday And Father’s Day Gifts For The Survivalist, Best 9 Ideas

In this article, I will help you with finding a great birthday and father’s day gifts for the survivalist.

Birthday And Father's Day Gifts For The Survivalist

As a known prepper, I picked up awsome 9 gifts that I would be happy to get and I’m sure that they will do the same for you survivalists friends or family members.

Do you know someone that won’t refuse the chance to enjoy a good adventure? Then you must know that regular gifts don’t work for this kind of people. They are the kind that will have a very well-developed practical sense, so a mug or a funny T-shirt may not be the ideal gift for them. In case you are looking for the perfect birthday or father’s day gifts for preppers and survivalists, here is a list of ideas that will turn you into their favorite friend or family member.

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Birthday And Father’s Day Gifts For The Survivalist – Top 9

1. Emberlit Stainless Steel stove, Compact Design Perfect for Survival, Camping, Hunting & Emergency Preparation

Emberlit Stainless Steel stove, Compact Design Perfect for Survival, Camping, Hunting & Emergency Preparation

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What is the most important thing you need to do when you’re out in the wild, away from any trace of civilization? You need to have means to make the fire, of course. This particular steel stove looks stylish, it’s sturdy, and will turn into the perfect fireplace in an instant.

The stove can be folded, so it won’t occupy too much space in the backpack of a survivalist. It is extremely light as well, not adding too much weight while allowing its user to set it up in a matter of seconds. So, even if the nights are rapidly approaching, you will have a way to make the fire in a fast and convenient manner. It can even be used for boiling water, as it is capable to do this is just 10 minutes. Thus, you have more than enough reasons to choose this particular item as a useful and surprising gift.

2. Aquamira Frontier Pro: Ultralight

Aquamira Frontier Pro: Ultralight

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When you’re out in the wilderness, it is very important to find a source of clean water. While one can survive without food for days, in the absence of water for drinking one is not able to survive for more than one day. Those that choose to venture far away into the wilderness and walk where most men don’t know this very well. Also, even if you find a source of water, it doesn’t mean you can drink it.

Your instincts will tell you to do so, but that water can contain a lot of bacteria that can get you very sick. Thus, having a portable water filter is more than useful in such cases. This product will do precisely this kind of job. Will filter bacteria and other pathogens on the spot, for water that is clean and safe for drinking. Your prepper or survivalist friend will certainly appreciate such a gift.

3. The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach

The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach

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This is a great choice if you want to offer a practical and valuable gift to a person enjoying to do this his or her own way. Preppers and survivalists enjoy being independent, which means to be able to grow their food alone and not depending on what shops have to offer. Thus, they often choose remote properties where they can start a farm and grow clean and nutritious foods.

If you want to be supportive, offering them a book that provides useful information on how to do this right will be a great way to show them your appreciation. This book is a complete guide on how to have successful cultures and manage your own farm, so it is definitely something you need to consider.

4. Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit

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There is one more important problem when looking to survive anywhere we may go, besides water, food, and shelter. We are talking about managing our biological needs. Of course, every survivalist will know that you can’t just go anywhere. It would be disrespectful for nature and it is also not recommended to leave traces behind. There is the option of digging a deep hole into the ground and covering it right up after you’re done, but we all know that can’t be applied at all times.

If you have a sense of humor but wish to offer a useful gift at the same time, you need to consider this particular survival kit. It will help anyone enjoy a good and safe time in any public toilet, no matter where they go. This is extremely important when traveling, as you never know when you’ll need to make a quick stop, somewhere where conditions are far from being great.

5. Men’s SCOTTeVEST Jacket – 25 Pockets – Travel Clothing

Men's SCOTTeVEST Jacket - 25 Pockets - Travel Clothing

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If you really care about someone and you know that you’re dealing with a practical person or a prepper, this particular product will represent a great choice. The jacket is made for outdoor use, so it is waterproof and can offer a good degree of protection against the weather.

At the same time, it has a wide range of pockets on the inside, pockets that can fit a wide range of products. Thus, one can store anything from a mobile phone, tablet, sunglasses, water bottle, and everything else considered useful. So, no matter where that person travels and how the weather is, his or her belongings will be properly protected in every situation.

6. SABRE Red Runner Pepper Gel – Police Strength w/ Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Heat w/ 35 Bursts)

SABRE  Red Runner Pepper Gel - Police Strength w/ Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Heat w/ 35 Bursts)

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This can be considered as a rather traditional and boring gift for a survivalist, but the truth is that we cannot deny the safety a good old pepper spray can offer. There are many states or countries where it is illegal to carry any kind of weapon.

So, having a pepper spray bottle in your pocket may be the only legal item you can have around when you need to defend yourself. Not to mention that this product works in the case of animal attacks as well, not just for humans. It comes with an adjustable handle and provides a powerful stream that will allow you to stay at a safe distance from whatever may be threatening you.

7. Cobra CPI890 800W CPI 890 Power Inverter 800 1600 Watt Peak

Cobra CPI890 800W CPI 890 Power Inverter 800 1600 Watt Peak

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This product is the kind of tool to have around when you’re looking to use your car as a source of power. So, for someone that enjoys being in the outdoors rather often or lives outside the grid or in a remote location, having such an alternative can be more than great.

The item is great for those situations when power is not available. But, as long as there is a car with gas in its tank around, this converter can get the power provided by your car and help you use it in any way you may need it.

More Great Options To Consider…

8. A survival Bracelet

A survival Bracelet

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A survival bracelet can be an amazing gift for the survivalist dad or friend, especially the cool Leatherman tread bracelet, you can read more on survival bracelets and the Leatherman tread bracelet here on my article on survival bracelets.

9. A survival Multitool

A survival Multitool

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One of the bests gifts that I have ever received in my life was my Leatherman multitool which I am still using on a daily basis.

Check out my article on the best survival multitool.

This is truly a gift that will make any man a happy man.

I hope that I helped you to find the ideal birthday and father’s day gifts for your survivalist friend or family member.

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