Best Tourniquet For Self Application, Top 3 Tactical Tourniquets.

The best tourniquet for self-application is the tactical/one hand tourniquet. The SOFTT-W Tourniquet is my favorite for self-application.I happened to practice them on myself a lot as a seller of survival gear and as a soldier and I will give you my top 3 recommended tourniquets that are self-applied here. Back in the days when I […]

Best Nail Fungus Treatment in 2019, Natural And Safe, Fungomat Review.

In this article, I will write on the best nail fungus treatment in 2019, Care Plus’s Fungomat review.If you are familiar with my blog then you already know that I’m writing based on mine or our website’s team experiences. The best nail fungus treatment in 2019, Care Plus’s Fungomat Review I am writing this article because of […]

First Aid For A Stroke Victim Should Include The Following Guidelines!

First aid for a stroke victim should include the following guidelines!, This article was written by Roy Shor, Roy is a former combat medic in the Israeli’s IDF and has worked for many years as a paramedic. A stroke is extremely dangerous because it attacks the brain, so a fast reaction time is essential in […]

Choking Treatment For Infants And Adults, Plus Free Online Course!

Choking Treatment For Infants and adults, that is one thing that we all need to know. This article was written by Roy Shor-a former combat medic in the Israeli IDF, Roy has also worked as a paramedic for many years. When someone is choking, it means that a foreign object got stuck in the person’s […]

What Are The First Signs Of A Heart Attack? How To Deal With It?

what are the first signs of a heart attack? what are the different signs in men and women? How to provide first aid treatment for someone having a heart attack? I will try to help you to handle this stressful situation. If a person collapses in front of you, what will you do? Some passers-by avoid […]

How To Treat A Snake Bite Without Medical Help? Never Do These Things

In this article, we will talk about how to treat a snake bite without medical help and more important tips and recommendations. We gathered the information in this article from researching it and consulting with professional paramedics. Most snakes from the North American region are not hazardous to people. A few special cases are the […]

Treating Skin Burns At Home, 9 Important Steps That You Should Take!

This article was written by our member, Roy Shor, Roy has years of experience as a paramedic and he will explain about treating skin burns at home, the different burn degrees, how to identify them and more. The meaning of Burning Burning is one of the most common domestic injuries, and almost every person burns […]

Wound Dressing Procedure Steps And Best Products!

In this article, we will talk about Wound Dressing Procedure Steps, methods, products and more. This article was written by Roy Shor, a member of our website and a former paramedic. The circulatory system is a closed system with a fixed volume of fluid, which passes through blood vessels connected to each other. When there […]

First Aid On Cats And Dogs, A Life Saving Guide For Our Best Friend

In this article, I will explain on first aid on cats and dogs, what you should and shouldn’t do. Since I am the owner of both a cat and a dog, This subject is really important to me and so I have decided to research it and came up with this article. The purpose of […]