Best Survival Watch with No Battery – 3 Watches You Must Check!

After researching it for quite a long time, I can point you to Casio Pathfinder and to Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch as 3 of the best survival watch with no battery that will perform great in a survival situation without the need of any power source except to solar and artificial light. Anyone who […]

Best Survival Knife for Small Hands – These 2 Would Fit You.

My father is a knives lover and a small dude, he recently asked me what is the best survival knife for Small Hands.After researching it a bit, my main conclusion is that the survival knife of Browning Ignite will deliver everything that he needs for a very low budget.However, I just fell in love with […]

Clothing For Hiking In Cold Weather, Layering Method, Tips And More!

As sellers of survival gear for many years, we have often been asked about proper clothing for hiking in cold weather, so we have decided to write this long and thorough article regarding this subject. Before we will talk about clothing for hiking in cold weather, let’s talk about a few important points. Winter trips, […]

Best Alcohol, Red Wine, Perfumes & Sunglasses For Migraine Sufferers

As a migraine sufferer for many years, I have decided to search and write on the best Alcohol, Red Wine, Perfumes & Sunglasses For Migraine Sufferers. Migraine refers to the headache that occurs because of specific changes within your brain. It is a condition that results in severe head pain. Sensitivity to smells, light, and […]

Fire Escape Ladder For Balcony Railing, Best 3 Options(2021)

It took me a week of research, experiments with the top escape ladders brands, and lots of phone calls and emails to find the best fire escape ladders for balcony railing.3 ladders stand above the rest when it comes to balcony escape ladders.These ladders will turn your balcony into a fire escape balcony. Eventually, I can […]

Best 8 Survival Knives For Chopping And Splitting Wood(Batoning)

In this article, we will discuss the best survival knives for chopping and splitting wood(batoning), the Tops B.O.B. Brothers of Bushcraft Survival Knife is getting awesome reviews as a batoning survival knife but I will give you more great cheaper options, I will also mention the important things to look for in a batoning survival […]

What Is An Israeli Bandage, prresure bandage

What Is An Israeli Bandage? How To Use It And Where To Buy?

“Israeli Bandage” is a highly recommended item for the preparation of first aid trauma. The Israeli Bandage consists of a large sterile non-adherent pad surface for covering the wound and is attached to the length of elastic material (such as ACE bandage), to wrap and uniquely apply pressure to a hemorrhaging wound with a built-in […]

Fire Escape Devices For Dogs And Cats – Let’s Keep Them Safe

In this article, I will give you some ideas for fire escape devices for dogs and cats.I have in my blog a few articles regarding fire safety and products and have decided that our lovely pets deserve attention too. How heart-wrenching is it to hear about someone’s pet perished in the fire. Alarmingly, it can […]