Best Baby Car Seat For Long Journeys, international travel & Flying

For those of you who are planning a long journey, international travel or flying(FAA Approved) with a baby, these are the 2 best infant car seats that I have found on the market. These seats are also great options for large babies and for people who want to use the seat while switching cars and […]

Best Identity Theft Protection Wallets With RFID Protection

The best identity theft protection wallets must come with reliable RFID and NFC protection, I have found some great wallets that also looks great.I recently got the amazing Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather from a friend of mine and it is the coolest gift that I have ever got.But, is identity theft and RFID […]

Best Fire Alarm/Smoke And CO Detector for Basement

If you are looking for the best Fire Alarm/Smoke detector for basement than I highly recommend on a device with dual smoke sensors and since the basement is in a very high risk of having a high level of CO than you should choose a smoke detector that has also Co detection capabilities and that […]

Best CO (Carbon Monoxide) And Smoke Detector For Home Use – Top 11

I’ve been asked to recommend the best CO (Carbon Monoxide) and smoke detector and monitor for home use.The Nest Protect 2nd Generation smart alarm is my top choice but since it can be a bit pricy I added 10 more great, much cheaper devices that will help to keep you and your family safe.Since these […]

Best Reusable, Personal Filtered Water Bottle With The Best Tasting Water

After trying lots of them, our best reusable and personal filtered water bottle that will filter the best tasting water is the LifeStraw Go Filtered Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filter. It is extremely important to stay hydrated all day. Whether you’re going to the gym, at work or even going on an excursion, it is […]

The Best Fire Protection Blanket For Welding, Forest, And Wildfire.

After the horrible fires that raged in California recently, I have decided to explore and to write on the best wildfire and forest fire protection Blanket which happens to be also a great welding blanket that comes with a cheap price and a great value. Tonyko® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Protective Blanket has been found as […]

Best Japanese Hunting and Survival Knife – Masano Skinner Knife

As a knives enthusiast, I wanted to add to my collection the best Japanese survival knife, so in my research for it, I have discovered a beautiful traditional survival knife, made by the famous Japanese brand Toyokuni.The knife is called Masano Skinner knife Walnut Wood Handle110 and it is not so easy to get it […]