Fire Escape Devices For Dogs And Cats – Let’s Keep Them Safe

In this article, I will give you some ideas for fire escape devices for dogs and cats.

I have in my blog a few articles regarding fire safety and products and have decided that our lovely pets deserve attention too.

How heart-wrenching is it to hear about someone’s pet perished in the fire.

Alarmingly, it can happen to your pets too particularly when you left them home alone. Because those lovely, innocent creatures are unable to rescue themselves in emergencies and dangers.

Although nobody wants to even imagine such a calamity where he/she has to lose his pet, taking precautionary measures beforehand can save you from back-end hassle. Want to know how? Let’s run through the following products to get the perfect life-saving solution for your beloved pets.       

Fire Escape Devices For Dogs And Cats – What is available?

1. ISOP Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets up to 75 Pounds

Isop has a great quality rescue bag for kids and medium-sized dogs up to 75 pounds that I think that each of us that lives above ground should have.

2. PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel, Pet Door for Dogs and Cats, Available in Small, Medium and Large

You can install a new pet door into an exterior or interior wall in place of a people door. Sounds and seems nice.

With the help of its telescoping tunnel, you can adjust your pet doors for fitting walls having different breadths.

You can check its current price on Amazon.

Well, this is the coolest looking door for doggies/pets. Overall, this pet door is of fairly good quality. Not only this well-built pet door allows a comfortable room to your pet but it’s there for the good of your house as well.

On one hand, it lets your pet move in and out easily, on the other hand, it keeps the temperature of your home optimum.


  • The PVC plastic frame is highly durable to withstand UV exposure.
  • There are two replaceable flaps with the pet doors offering energy efficiency and helping in keeping out the weather.
  • For additional insulation and to control your pet better, this pet door comes with a slide-in closing panel.


  • The brown plastic telescoping piece doesn’t look that good and is very flimsy.
  • Self-installation requires a bit of prior knowledge about carpentry.

3. Baby Rescue Emergency Rapid Evacuation Device

Needless to say, little children or pets neither take care of themselves nor rescue them at times of need. Though sad, this is the reason why they get trapped by the fire easily and lose their lives unknowingly and unwillingly.  

Check it out on Amazon.

Luckily, we are having Baby Rescue with us in the present times offering an opportunity for survival of your little ones when there is a fire in a multiple-story building.

Just get your little ones out of the window and safely lower down them outside the building.

I highly recommend having at list one fire escape ladder in each floor, I have a related article here on my website about the best fire escape ladder for balcony and window railings that you can check out.


  • Foldability allows ease of storage.
  • Manufactured with PVC coated netting and flame-retardant ballistic nylon allow for a free fresh air flow
  • Through nylon drawstring, this bag gets closed in a way preventing the little one from opening it up from the inside.


  • Cannot hold the weight of more than 80 pounds.
  • Best usable only for building with a height of 5 stories.

4. Pet Inside Finder Sticker – 4 Pack – Adhesive on FRONT and BACK.

In a Fire Emergency, Firefighters will see an alert on the window, door, or house and rescue your cat/dog. Safety first in case of fire.

What this sticker does is allow protection to your pets in your home by keeping the responders alert regarding your pets. With the help of a front and back adhesive, it is capable of sticking to the window’s inside so it displays through or sticks on a solid wood door’s the outside.

Check it out on Amazon.

God forbid, in case of emergence of a fire in your house, rescuers will get an idea by this display that your pets are inside so they could bring them out alive and safe.  


  • This sticker comes with an easily understandable design so that the firefighters will rapidly get to know how many pets be it cats, dogs or so, are there in the house. 
  • This product includes four stickers which you could put on every window of your apartment or each of the side of your house.
  • The 4 inch by 5-inch size of each sticker is just perfect for putting on around your house. It’s easily visible so that it couldn’t get unseen by the firefighter. 
  • The best part about this product is its full refund policy. In case you don’t find it appropriate (which is not going to happen I am sure), you can ask for your money back.  


  • It requires carefulness to attach these stickers aligned because they actually stick hard to place once you stick them.
  • Scratching up them from a certain place will be a mess when you want to paint your house or for cleaning purposes.


All of these products facilitate in the best possible manner in order to save the lives of your much-loved pes. Your pets are nonetheless a part of your family, just like your babies they also need proper care and consideration. All such fire escape devices have made fulfilling this purpose a lot easier.    

I hope that this article helped you to find fire escape devices for dogs and cats.
This is our responsibility to make sure that we do our best in order to protect our family and these devices might help with it.

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