Cheapest Fire Extinguisher Ball That You Can Count On!

The cheapest and most popular fire extinguisher ball today is probably the Chinese manufactured AFO(Auto Fire Off) but can you count on it with your life? Is there A fireball that gives an absolute guarantee and which one is best?

Let’s talk about it!

What is a Fireball?

Fire extinguisher balls are one of the latest ways of dealing with potential fire-related hazards. They are exactly what they sound like.
It’s a ball that has an activation strip on its exterior which is connected with the extinguishing agent on the inside.
Once it is triggered, which can be once it is exposed to flames for a few minutes, it bursts and extinguishes the fire. They are definitely a major upgrade on the good old fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher ball

Which Is The Best Cheapest Fire Extinguisher Ball And Can You Really Trust Them?

My Personal Experience With A Fire extinguisher ball :

My first experience of watching a fire extinguisher ball do its job was at a party, not long ago.

A small fire broke out in the kitchen and while we were looking for an extinguisher, the host came to our rescue in a weird way.

He came in running and threw a ball in the fire. There was a split second where I was confused as to why someone would throw a ball in the fire.

The only possible explanation was maybe he was drunk? However, it exploded a few seconds later in the wake of some screams because it was loud, but the fire was completely out.

After recovering from the slight shock, I was really intrigued to see how these balls worked, so I asked around and did a little research on my own, saw a few videos on YouTube to see if these balls were legit. And, turns out, they really were!

Should you get A Fire extinguisher ball And What Should You Consider?

However, there are so many questions about whether they work or not, and how reliable they are and whether you can trust your life with them. Also, what if it explodes in the kitchen and if it is safe for humans and pets to be around? You also need to know which one to get and whether they come in different sizes. So, I decided to write this piece, to help you choose and put safety first!

Should You Get rid of the old fire extinguisher:

The old fire extinguishers are the past, now. They are very reliable and have been loyal and effective essentials in daily life usage for a long time, now.

But is it time to say goodbye to them?

My answer to that is no, I don’t recommend replacing them with a Fire extinguisher ball but I do recommend to have it in addition.

The old Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher ball VS The Old Fire extinguisher

The old basic Fire extinguisher is a decent invention because it is not always possible to find a bucket or find water. However, their size and weight are much higher than fire extinguisher balls.

You need to be within 1.5 meters of the fire to use the older versions, which puts the person extinguishing the fire, at a lot of risks.

It is also not effective once the fire grows after a few minutes, because it is too hot and the fire is much larger to be put out using an extinguisher.

All these reasons meant that mankind needed a better way of dealing with fires breaking out.

Elide fireball

More reasons Why You Should Have fire extinguisher balls

They also come with a feature of self-activation, which means that the minute temperature gets higher due to the fire, the ball self-explodes and extinguishes the fire on the spot.

This allows you to keep the balls in places of potential danger like a kitchen, or near a generator, engine bay or keep it in the car, even!

They are quite easy to hang which means you do not even have to bother about the weight of the ball.

Fire extinguisher balls are also easier to throw, so you can be as far away as 5 meters, even, and throw the ball and still manage to extinguish the fire and save a calamity from happening.

This also allows the person to throw the ball to maintain a safe distance from the fire. Plus, you can also salvage the situation if the fire has increased, which you could not do with a basic old model fire extinguisher. So, it makes a pretty strong case for having one of these, at home.

ABC Type Fire extinguishers :

Fireballs are also considered to be ABC. That means the fireball can put out the three basic types of fires.

Class A refers to regular combustibles like paper, trash, wood, etc. Class B covers all the inflammable liquids and class C includes energized electrical fires. This means that the fireball is effective against most types of everyday fires and can be a great partner in troubled times!

International Stamp of Approval:

However, the one downside to the fire extinguisher balls is that they are not exactly recognized by the fire safety agencies.

I have been searching a lot for a fireball that had been tested by a recognized agency and haven’t found one that complies with the fire safety standards, but that could be because the laws are a bit old.

NFPA, the National Fire Prevention Association is the main standard of fire safety, worldwide.

They do not exactly provide their trust in the product, but that does not mean the product is not reliable.

There are other measures and ways to look at it. To help understand it better, the Singaporean response team uses these balls the most, so that shows it is quite reliable.

The Turkish anti-riot police also use these fire-extinguisher balls and the Australian fire brigade is also equipped with it.

Another reason to trust them is our own experiences and tones of Youtube videos.

A video demonstration of experimenting with The Elide and the much cheaper AFO fireball

You can see in the video that even when it exploded in the hand of the tester it didn’t hurt him.
This shows us that the chance of your pet or family members will get hurt by its explosion is pretty small.

These are pretty decent stamps of approvals if you ask me! The reliability is in question, however, that means a person should purchase these balls from a proven brand, rather than buying cheap knock-offs.

Cheapest Fire Extinguisher Ball That You Can Count On

This brings us to the tough decision of what option seems to be the best, because, there are plenty to choose from. To start off there is a very popular, cheap Chinese product, the AFO Fireball.

It works pretty well and it is almost thrice as cheap as the famous ones like the Elide Fire Ball or the AFG (Auto Fire Guard) Fireball. They are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so that is a plus!

The Elide Fire Ball is manufactured in America and is a very reliable option and they are the ones which came up with the idea of having a ball as a fire extinguisher, so their product seems to stand out a bit more than the others. These balls come in more than one size.

This allows you to buy according to the possible mishap and before it happens. I would not trust my life with a Chinese product. I would not even suggest anyone else do so, either.

However, they are pretty cheap, which means you can get plenty of them and keep them in a lot more places and they have many good reviews and seems to work great.

That allows you to use more than one, should it not work in the first instance.

The Elide Fire Ball is manufactured by the pioneers of the industry so it may be that you want to go with them.

You could also choose the American manufacturers of AFG Fireball. That is also a much more reliable option but again it is a bit on the expensive side.

The AFG and the Elide both cost almost thrice as much as the AFO, but the problem with the AFO is that no one can promise it to work 100%.
However, no one can promise that the more pricey ones will work every time too…

The AFG does come with protective gear and mounting facilities, as well and it is beautiful-designed and can serve as a nice decoration on your kitchen wall. 


There is absolutely no doubt that the fire extinguishing balls are a great invention.

They have been proven and can not only save your life but also the lives of your loved ones.

They are something you should have at your home, workplace and all other potential places of fire-related hazards! The self-activation feature allows you to sleep well at night, too.

However, it is important to decide, whether you want to go for the Chinese product AFO or you want to put your trust in the Elide or the AFG.

The price is a factor in choosing one or the other. The Elide and AFG bring more reliability although they seem to be an expensive option.

You can go for the cheaper option of buying the AFO and get more than a couple to ensure reliable results.

However, in either case, buying a couple of AFO’s will even out the price. So, at the end of the day, it is a decision that you will make on your own. I personally think both options are great and a coin toss is a way to go!

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