Gifts For Hiking Families Or Couples That Are Realy Useful And Original

What do you buy for real travelers? Here we will help you with finding the perfect gifts for hiking families and couples.

It’s a holiday again and with it the eternal question – so what do you buy for the holiday this time? We are here to ease your deliberation and recommend some great products that will delight any traveling family wherever it is.

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The Perfect Gifts For Hiking Families Or Couples

So, tell us who your friends are, and in return we’ll tell you what to buy for them:

  • Typical Clan
  • Hiking Lovers
  • Food Lovers
  • The Spoiled Family
  • The Lazy Family

Typical Clan: Those Who Do Not Go Without The Entire Clan!

Do your friends have a family that walks every Weekend? Or alternatively – are the friends who are like family, with whom only with them you go camping under the stars? These friends will join you for any family trip if as a holiday gift they will be given equipment for the next camping trip.

  • Tent – What is better than giving your friend a mobile hotel? This item is always useful, and as family size, so is the required tent size.
  • Field Stove – Suppose the members already have a tent, the next good thing is a field stove, which will be large enough to cook food for the entire clan in the field.
  • A set of camping tools – OK OK, do they already have the whole list of recommended camping equipment and more? upgrade them with a shiny set of camping tools, and tell them to stop immediately with disposable tools because it’s not good for the environment!

Hiking Lovers: Even Before You Said The Name Of The Track – They Are Already There

These are the friends who travel all the time – apparently they have excellent equipment, and it is even more likely that it is a bit outdated or worn out by the high amount of their trips. So be friends – buy them new equipment for spring trips!

  • Walking Canes – This is perhaps one of the most important accessories for any traveler! The sticks help to maintain stability on the way, for easier and more comfortable walking. You can lean on them, if you want a slight rest in the trajectory, they are adjustable to any height and easy to carry in a closed position. It is recommended to buy two sticks, preferably the carbon sticks, which are very light.
  • Neck protection hat – this may not be such a “cool” item but this hat will keep the skin of your traveling friends, which is actually what you give here – close social protection.
  • Sweat Proof Undershirt – There is no such thing as too many shirts in the closet! The advantage of the Sweat proof shirt is that you sweat less, or at least feel less sweaty because the moisture evaporates quickly. You Can’t Make any mistake with such a gift.

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Food Lovers – Because The Trip For Them Is Just An Excuse

You know those at the end of each route waiting for a restaurant, or if they have already gone on a trip then it’s mostly to settle somewhere and make a barbecue, a quality poike or a real family meal? So these are the members that the following recommendations are for:

  • Set Of Field Pots – If your friends cook as much as they like to eat, they must have good field equipment for cooking! This gift will include several pots of different sizes, easy to carry and easy to clean.
  • A Cooler – every good eater needs a good cooler to keep the ingredients in good condition. You can choose from a small or large cooler, depending on the nature of your friends’ trips.
  • Comfortable field chairs – we said come and settle? These friends of yours love the good life, so treat them with comfortable field furniture especially for their equivalent meetings!

The Spoiled Family – It Does Not Matter Where You Go, As Long As It’s Comfortable

There are those who choose the path according to what it is, and there are those whose destination is much more important to them, and if possible then it is also possible that the road to there will be especially convenient. For this we have two special recommendations:

  • Inflatable beds – they like to travel, but camping is not their strong point because … sand and stones in the back have never “done it” to them. But if you buy them an inflatable field mattress, there will be no more excuses for why not stay out the night too and with utmost comfort!
  • Hammock – Do We Need To Expand Words? Is there anyone who does not want a comfortable hammock as a holiday gift?

The Lazy Family – Love Beautiful Places, And Not Mooving Too Much From Them

The lazy family is the one who will find their place everywhere in the wild – all they need is some fresh grass and some shade – and Voila, they have a camp! The perfect gifts are:

  • A big mat – to be with them wherever they go, and be spread exactly at the right spot for this moment. They will take their gift to the beach, the forest, the springs and maybe even to their backyard because that mat is exactly what they need. Always.
  • Coffee set – OK, This gift is good for everyone, but perfect for those who do not need much and appreciate every drop of black coffee. What’s more, if you are the one to give them this gift, you’ll be the first to get a cup of coffee on a trip or camping, so it’s a good investment.

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More Cool Gifts For Hiking Families And Couples To Consider…

  • Wine storage bag – no fractures, You bought expensive wine and you imagined how you would enjoy it when you arrived home, but to your great sorrow he did not survive the journey? So let’s spoil your loved ones and wine lovers with a storage bag that gives protection to bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages. The bag includes an inflatable wall for protection against bumps and falls, durable, non-space-absorbing and operated by air inflating. After all, a wine will delight the human heart …
  • A portable chair – a little rest for the legs, A folding mobile chair is a great gift for the adults in the group, because how much can one stand and listen to the guide on the trip? The chair folds and opens rapidly and its operation is very simple. In addition, it is very convenient to sit, even after a long sitting time, and the big advantage – it is lightweight!
  • Backpack – Comfort Above All, A backpack that is given as a gift should be comfortable for the person who carries it and loved by someone who looks at it. There are backpacks so cool and beautiful that no one needs to know that everything inside is boring. A very useful gift for any traveler or even a student that they and their back will appreciate.
  • Poike – to eat well in the field, Poike is the pot that cooks you a new type of hiking. At Poike you can cook almost everything you want and always the food comes out really tasty. Do not be surprised if you bring it to Grandma as a present and next year you will have the holiday meal in the field.
  • A field Armchair – The Field is your Saloon, You know those who always come ready for anything, sit at ease and tell you that they always have a chair in the car, because it does not take up space? Now you can buy yourself or a gift for friends, who always catch your place at the beach or picnic.
  • Hydration Backpack – Do not dry out, Whether it’s a nephew who goes on a trip to Scouts, a niece who goes on an annual trip or a brother who does field runs – a Hydration Backpack is an amazing gift for all those involved in sports, and of course for travelers. In addition, the hydration backpack is a backpack for everything. Just note, the water does not come in flavors.
  • Headlight – see also at night, Be careful! Watch out for the head … to which of us it did not happen? That’s why a headlight is a gift that suits everyone. The hands should always be free, so that you can see what is around you and that there will be no unpleasant mishaps. A headlamp is an excellent gadget for any field activity and even if, heaven forbid, the car’s wheel explode in a dark place in the middle of the night.
  • Microfiber towel – squeezing water and compliments, There are products that are mandatory for any traveler. For example, a towel. But what do you do when most of the towels are heavy, take tones of place, and by the time they dry you can finish a week-long trek. Luckily there is a professional towel for travelers that is very compact, lightweight and has great absorbency. And the cool thing? While squeezing the towel, it releases 90% of the spongy water and is ready for the next use. This towel will make you feel like showering every hour …

We hope that we helped you to find great gifts for hiking families or couples.

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