What Is A Hemostatic Dressing And What Are The Best Gauzes In The World?

Basically, Hemostatic agents and Hemostatic dressingare products that have an advanced capability to stop bleeding.
Hemostatic agents are available in two forms- as a granular powder or embedded in a dressing such as gauze and sponge.
The Hemostatic dressing is soaked with a substance that accelerates the clotting process.
The bandage is unique in that it does not adhere to the wound, and when it is removed, the injured is not damaged.
The dressing hastens the stopping of bleeding, providing a significant advantage over the simple bandage that only activates pressure on the bleeding area. This bandage is especially effective for abdominal injuries, high limb injuries, and injuries in other areas Which cannot be threatened with a tourniquet.
They are being used by combat units and many armies around the world.
The most famous and advanced Hemostatic agent brands are QuikClot and Celox.

Hemostatic Dressing

So, what is a hemostatic dressing and what is it used for?

A little background first:

Wounded on the battlefield are divided into three, those who survive anyway, those who die anyway, and in the middle those who required our concentration. Following studies conducted at the beginning of the century, it became clear that about 30 percent of those who were killed could be saved.

The studies indicated that Most of them die from blood loss.
Once they got the finger on the cause, the Americans began working on a solution and created an advanced arterial blocker – a new generation of tourniquets and Hemostatic agents which are basically substances that promotes hemostasis(stops bleeding).

Both the new Gen tourniquets and the Hemostatic agents are doing tremendously well in saving lives all over the world, and are being used by armies, hospitals and private homes around the world.

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Quikclot Combat Gauze Review

Adventure Medical Quik Clot
Adventure Medical Quik Clot

The QuikClot Combat Gauze is designed for combat and tactical medical personnel, QuikClot Combat Gauze is a combination of a surgical gauze with proprietary inorganic material which aides in putting an end to both arterial and venous bleeding in seconds – even faster in this format than the earlier Z-Medica products.

Based on various minerals than the zeolite-based QuikClot products, it doesn’t produce heat. The benefit and advantage of inert and non-allergenic are shared.

Combat gauze produces a kind of easy gauze, but with an additional clotting agent, which is fused by providing power to stop even the most deadly arterial and venous bleeding.

The user only packs the Combat Gauze dressing into the wound, as they were being taught on any basic first aid class over many years, and applied pressure for between the periods of 3-5 minutes.

Even traumatic arterial and venous bleeding can be stopped.
The QuikClot combat gauze is so flexible that it fits almost any size or shape of the wound you may encounter. This can be easily removed after clotting occurs.

After extensive testing by the USAISR and the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC), the Committee on Tactical Combat Care (CoTCCC) selected QuikClot Combat Gauze as the hemostatic dressing of choice on the battlefield for compressible (external) hemorrhage not amenable to limb tourniquet use or as an adjunct to tourniquet removal.

Since its adoption by the US military, more than 6 million units of QuikClot Combat Gauze have been delivered and no side effects associated with the product have been reported.


QuikClot is a crucial choice when it comes to controlling bleeding in a wide range of situations associated with bleeding.

 QuikClot Combat Gauze is a hemostatic dressing for bleeding control by improving the mechanisms of coagulation of natural blood to accelerate the formation of the clot and the simultaneous closure of the wound.

Impregnated with an advanced natural hemostatic agent, a combat gauze is an important tool for stopping serious bleeding and closing the wound.
The latest generation of QuikClot does not generate heat, so do not induce heat injury and can be used for children and adults.

These features and its high efficiency in controlling life-threatening bleeding make the QuikClot Combat Gauze a first choice of the US military. Today it is the only product that used by all branches of the US Army.

The Z-FOLD version:

QuikClot Combat Gauze Z-Fold is an improvement on the original QuikClot Combat Gauze, by making it Z-folded, Z-Medica made it easier to apply. Z-Medica also approved packaging to a vacuum packed feature which made it more compact, and finally, they added the x-ray detectable strip to make sure that the Gause will be found in the operating room.

At first, sold as QuikClot Combat Gauze, the product now offers diverse choices for packaging available for military, law enforcement, EMS, and hospitals. The consumer product versions that make use of the kaolin are likewise available from various merchants from some reason Amazon does not sell the Combat gauze in its Z-Folded version anymore, but you can buy here the civilian version on Amazon.

The civilian version does not name Combat gauze and it is different in the sense that it is not Z-folded.

Product Description:

  • Vacuum pack, sterile
  • Compact and light (packaged in 3 in. x 4 yd lengths)
  • Non-woven gauze
  • Impregnated with kaolin
  • Easy to use

How it works

One of the benefits of the QuikClot Combat Gauze is its packaging.
The gauze comes in the Z-fold version(combat gauze) and not Z-folded(civilian version), both come in vacuum packaging which makes them much more compact, which is very important in terms of saving space in IFAKs.

It is easy to use when packing deep and serious bleeding, such as those that experience gunshot or stab. The user simply packs the Combat Gauze dressing in the wound to quickly stop the bleeding.

The QuikClot combat gauze is individually wrapped in a vacuum sealed protective film with indicators and instructions for medical staff on the back. It is therefore recommended that the package is left with the victim so that doctors know which dressing is used.

The package is a soft, white, sterile, non-woven 3-inch x 4-yard gauze. An X-ray detectable blue strip that is incorporated in the QuikClot Combat Gauze makes sure that the gauze will be found notwithstanding when it moves toward becoming soaked with blood.

QuikSlot is impregnated with a hemostatic agent, kaolin, an inert mineral that does not contain animal or human or botanical proteins. Since 2008, Quikclot hemostatic specialists have created fluid kaolin, which causes no burns as powder gauze dressing and also does not cause allergic reactions such as chitosan- or thrombin-based hemostatic gauze dressings.

When kaolin comes into contact with blood, immediately activates the process of clotting by binding to the red blood cells to form the gel and stop the arterial bleeding in 2-3 minutes and venous bleeding in seconds.

A 2013 study of a series of hemostatic agents revealed that the “quikClot Combat Gauze” was the most effective in controlling bleeding and was considered the easiest dressing used by soldiers. “

Celox Z-Fold Gauze:

Celox RAPID Z-Folded Gauze

Celox works basically the same as Quikclot although it uses chitosan which derived from shrimps shells instead of kaolin as a clotting agent.

The Celox is available in Z-folded version, it comes in 2 sizes(5ft and 10ft)and considered as the best gauze in the world together with the Quikclot combat gauze and you can buy it here from Amazon.

QuikClot combat gauze and Celox Gauze are most effective when applied with a tourniquet and Israeli compression bandage.

Free research has demonstrated that the utilization of present-day hemostatic operators diminishes the level of mortality and morbidity because of uncontrolled bleeding in the war zone.

Topical hemostatic specialists are valuable for the treatment of life-threatening bleeding which isn’t amenable to tourniquet placement.



WoundClot was created by an Israeli company, Core Scientific Creations (CSC), and it is already a game-changer in the use of the Israeli army and health organizations in several countries around the world.

Woundclot has a unique molecular structure that allows it to absorb large amounts of blood without breaking down and without applying pressure on the wound.

According to the company, the more the bandage absorbs more blood, the more it becomes a gel, the more quickly it affects the injury thus accelerates the clotting process.

The effectiveness of the bandage, as well as the fact that it does not require pressure on the wound, makes it particularly suitable for stopping the bleeding of head and neck injuries on the battlefield.

After the bleeding has stopped, and the wound is clotted, the bandage can be removed without damaging the blood clot formed on the wound.

The patent is based on transgenic material (a type of sugar) which becomes gel that helps in coagulation and uses the bloodstream to connect independently to the source of the bleeding.

The bandage does not require pressure on the wound, it attaches itself to the site of the injury, and is easy to remove in the hospital (does not damage the blood vessels).
If it is not removed, it dissolves like biological seams.

There are more great Hemostatic bandages available, and I mentioned here 3 of the most popular ones.

I hope that I helped you to understand What Is Hemostatic Dressing, if you have any comments please leave them below.

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