Best Japanese Hunting and Survival Knife – Masano Skinner Knife

As a knives enthusiast, I wanted to add to my collection the best Japanese survival knife, so in my research for it, I have discovered a beautiful traditional survival knife, made by the famous Japanese brand Toyokuni.

The knife is called Masano Skinner knife Walnut Wood Handle110 and it is not so easy to get it in the US.
Fortunatly, this one is available on Amazon.

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Best Japanese survival knife

The survival knife is an essential tool that is used in unfortunate events which might include you getting lost in the wilderness or any other such kind of an extreme outdoor environment. In such unfortunate events, having a survival knife with you will surely be one of the fortunate events that might have happened that day.

A survival knife has many unlimited uses, these uses do not only include the fact that survival knives are used as a defense mechanism when your life is endangered, but it also includes many more benefits.

A survival knife can be used as a digging tool, the structure and shape help it to become a great tool for gathering edible tubers, excavating fire pits, disposing of human waste, and carving out distress signals in snow or dirt.

The butt end of the survival knife can be used as a hammer, one can even use a survival knife for the splitting of wood and cutting the saplings.

Masano Skiner Survival and Hunting Knife

All these and many more are the advantages of a survival knife, one best Japanese survival knife is the one I have mentioned in the beginning – “Masano Skinner knife Walnut Wood Handle110 Super-blue steel kais-001”.

Priced around $260.00, this knife comes with a Tosa Hammer-Forged Blade. It’s ideal for outdoors as well as a kitchen knife.

Size – fullsize(inch )/8.85 -Blade Length(inch)/4.33 -width (mm)/27 -thick (mm)/3 -weight (oz)/130

The most significant of the property of this knife is that it is hand-crafted by the experts in Japan.
Toyokuni is a veteran company which is known for its high-quality, traditionally crafted knives.

Toyokuni has teamed up with a Japanese blades crafter master – Masano – and came up with a Toyokuni Masano knives series.

The old traditional Japanese knives are made from a high-quality Damascus blade which is attached in a unique way into the special wood handles.
And this knife is not different.

Its blade length is 4.33 inch; width 27 mm; thickness 3 mm and weight 130 oz.

What is Damascus Steel Blades

Damascus steel originates from the Middle East, from countries such as India and Pakistan where it was first used in BC.
It can be easily identified because it is characterized by a swirling pattern caused by the combination of two types of steel, and is therefore often referred to as “welded pattern steel” (not to be confused with Wootz steel, which is similar in the exterior look only).
There are many myths about the strength and capabilities of Damascus steel, but today it is popular mainly because of its aesthetic beauty. It is mainly sold to collectors.

This Japanese survival knife consists of all the essential things that a good Japanese survival knife must have.


I always say that a good survival knife must have a full tang, to strengthen the knife and to make it more appropriate for tasks such as cutting of woods and using it as a defense mechanism.

Well, this knife is not a complete full tang knife and it is built according to the tradition with a blade that runs into approximately half of the length of the thick wood handle.

The blade is attached to the handle with two metal pins when a round metal ring seperates between them.

best Japanese survival knife

Although it is not a full tang, the knife is incredibly strong and durable.


Secondly, it should have an appropriate handle. The handle of this knife is just amazing.

This handle, made from a very high-quality walnut wood is very special and representative of a traditional Japanese knife.

The handle is a thick rounded polished one and it looks and feels just amazing.

Most survival knives have a rubber handle, others might have polymer handles. The next important thing that you might need to keep in view while buying a survival knife is the blade of the knife.


The blade is the most important part hence you need to choose it very carefully. Knives generally come in two types of blades, the stainless steel blades that are virtually indestructible, and don’t rust.

The other type of blade is carbon steel blade, which is known to have a good edge longer than stainless steel blades, but they tend to rust way faster than the stainless steel blades.

This knife is made of blue steel which is extremely strong and sharp high-quality steel made from pure high Carbon steel which was optimized with chromium in order to create a super strong and durable steel.

After the material of the blade, the design and length of it matter. A straight blade will work better for chopping wood and it is easily sharpened.

The length of the blade should fall in the range of 4 to 12 inches, with an ideal thickness of about 3 – 4/16 of an inch.


Other than this the sheath might seem less important, but in fact, the sheath will affect a lot about how you carry and draw your knife.

The sheath of this knife is non other than gorgeous.
Made from walnut wood – it is a very good looking, unique and convenient one.

These were the things that you should have in your survival knife, now here is a list of things that you should avoid.

Folding mechanisms might sound cool, and that knife might look cool while drawing it, but trust us a folding mechanism in your survival knife is the last thing that you wish for.

Another thing that might seem cool is the serrations, there are plenty of uses of serrations but for a survival knife, you really don’t need serrations.

Instead, go for the plain-edged blade. Another common misconception is long blades, no you do not need long blades for your knife to be a good one.

Any blade longer than 12 inches is overkill. An ideal blade length is between four and six inches long.

So here were some of the things that you need to look for and some things that you need to avoid while getting a good survival knife.


The Masano Skinner knife is the best Japanese survival and hunting knife and it is one of the best survival knives in overall terms.

It is small, light and feels great in the hand.

With its ridiculously sharp and strong high-quality blue steel blade, combines with its beautiful traditional thick rounded handle made from walnut wood and a very high-quality sheath, this is a must-have knife for any knives enthusiasts.

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