KA-BAR knife

Is KA-BAR A Good Survival Knife?

A survival knife is undoubtedly one of the most effective and useful tools or weapons you can have on your person apart from firearms. Easy to stow away, conceal, and use, survival knives can be used to defend yourself from threats, arrange for your nutrition and shelter, and overall prove to be a great tool for your survival amongst nature.

KA-BAR Survival Knife

One of the most revered names in the world of survival knives is KA-BAR. Is KA-BAR a good survival knife?

Read ahead to learn about the strengths and features of KA-BAR survival knives and why they may just be the ideal partner for you or the adventurous people in your life:

Is KA-BAR A Good Survival Knife?

To begin with, if you have heard about the KA-BAR knife before, you may have heard it in the context of fighting as opposed to survival. It is a knife that is featured in a lot of TV shows and movies for fighting purposes because it looks super cool and intimidating.

KA-BAR knives certainly do not lose any points when it comes to style as they are sleek, slight, and look amazing with the black blade and body. But when looking at it from a survival point of view, it is important to determine whether or not it serves the functions that you need it to fulfil.

Following are some useful features that make the KA-BAR survival knife a great choice for most individuals:

Fixed Blade

The KA-BAR survival knife has a 7 inch long blade that is 0.165 inches thick, falling within the ideal ranges for the perfect survival knife. The blade is fixed, making it that much more durable and strong.

Blade Material and Type

KA-BAR fixed blade

Made from a  unique Cro-Van steel material, which is a combination between chrome and vanadium, the stainless steel blade is shaped into an aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective design, with one unsharpened and another sharp edge. The sharpened edge has 6.5 inches of plain blade while the bottom 1.75 inches are serrated. You can also find KA-BAR knives without serrations.

The spine is straight while the tip is super pointed with concave swage on the blunt end. The blade also resists corrosion which further prolongs the life of the knife even when it is exposed to natural elements for a prolonged period of time, making it the perfect outdoors companion.

Adequate Handle Grip

KA-BAR knife grip

The handle of the KA-BAR  knife is crafted from a synthetic Kraton material. The rubber feels smooth in the palm but gives a good, adequate grip as well. The pommel is flat while the top of the handle ends in a prominent hilt. Added to the blade length, the total knife is around 11.75 inches long.

Full Tang

KA-BAR knives are full tang, which means the blade steel continues into the blade handle to which the shells are attached. This lends strength to the knife and makes it perfect for heavy duty tasks without risking breaks.

Protective Sheath

KA-BAR knife protective Sheath

Every KA-BAR knife comes with a protective leather sheath which can be used to stow away the tool when not in use and keep it protected.

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Where The KA-BAR Knife Falls Short

There are a couple of criticisms that people throw towards the KA-BAR survival knife include the fact that the handle size is somewhat middling. Meaning it may prove to be too large for smaller hands and too small for larger hands. Another criticism is that the knife does not have any lanyard holes that can be utilized for security and lashing purposes.

All in all, it should not come as a surprise that KA-BAR knives are considered to be some of the best survival knives out there, especially when it comes to tough, heavy-duty tasks like batoning and wood splitting. It definitely doesn’t hurt that KA-BAR knives look the part as well!

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