How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Attack?

I have decided to write an article on how to survive a Komodo dragon attack after friends of mine told me that they are planning a trip to amazing Indonesia.

In the Komodo Islands of Indonesia, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, 3,000 giant lizards are known to be throughout the world as glutton, meat devourers dragons.
The big mouth of the dragons allows them to swallow a whole goat.

Komodo Islands

How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Attack?

There are many testimonies of Komodo dragons attacks on humans. Also, there are six cases of human predation by Komodo dragons.

The latest attack has occurred in 2017 when A 50-year-old Singapore citizen who visited a nature reserve in Indonesia did not listen to the instructions and approached a Komodo dragon in order to photograph her, but then the lizard attacked him and bit him in his left leg.

The 50-year-old tourist was not obeyed by the signs and inspectors in the nature reserve and arrived at an area considered unsafe for visitors, where the lizard known as the Komodo dragon lives.

“The Komodo does not like being harassed during the meal,” explained the director of the reserve. “The severity of the injury indicates that the tourist came very close to the lizard, which led to the incident.”

After the incident, the tourist stayed in the homes of local residents for three days before he was evacuated for medical treatment.

According to the manager of the reserve, the tourist did so in order to save the costs of his evacuation for medical treatment.

The Komodo Dragons can be dangerous for humans, however, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid watching these amazing creatures in real time.
There are a few important notes that one has to pay attention to when visiting the Komodo Islands.

How to Visit the Komodo Islands Safely and avoid dangerous encounters with the local dragons?

These are a few important notes that I have gathered from experts on the subject

  • The first rule is – never risk staying with locals and watching lizards without a guide just to avoid spending. a lot of the tourists want to save money and travel the reserve by themselves. don’t do it! the guide usually carries a weapon and knows how to deal with these creatures and how to avoid close encounters with them. being with a guide or a group can also save your life in case that you’ve got bitten
  • Secondly, be aware of your surroundings, the Dragon, in most cases will not attack you unless you get too close to him to a point that it feels troubled or in a thread, carrying a stick or a weapon might be handy too
  • In a case you surprisingly find yourself standing in front of it, try to stay calm and back off slowly
  • If you feel that the lizard is approaching to attack and you are able to run, try to run in zigzag and use every obstacle that you can, the Komodo is not a bad sprinter but their heavy weight makes it hard for them to maneuver, if possible, climb up on a tree or something high and call for help

Komodo Dragons – Dragons do Exist!

How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Attack?

The Komodo dragons (Varanus Comodoensis) was only discovered in the west in 1911 by two Dutch explorers.

They shot two individuals, stripped them of their skin, and displayed the skin in Java. The dragons are actually the most powerful lizards in the world.

The length of a lizard can be more than three and a half meters and weighs up to 70 kg (the rumors are about 4 meters long and weigh a little over 150 pounds are a bit overrated.)

Their local name is Ora, but they are called by all – Komodo dragons.

The lifespan of these dragons is over a hundred years old, and they feed on mere meat.

They are quite quick with their big feet, and the young ones may be very fast. That’s why they are able to catch deers, wild boars, goats, chickens and even people who disturb their rest.

Their saliva contains dangerous bacteria that kill their prey, and therefore a victim who escapes from their hands will probably end up dead.

But they usually feed on carcasses, including corpses of their own species.
Their big mouth allows them to swallow a whole goat, but they can chew the prey with their sharp jaws.

They are known as good swimmers and are able to hunt and feed on fish. The youngest can climb trees.

Their big tails are usually used for swimming, but also as a weapon when needed. At night they rest in pits or water pools.

In Comodo and Rinche there are about 3,000 dragons and in three smaller islands in the area, a few dozen more.

This area has been declared a nature reserve, and the National Parks Authority of Indonesia (PHPA) is responsible for it. Its purpose is to protect these giant animals.

Researchers speculate that these lizards are not descendants of the dinosaurs. It seems that they appeared here not long before the Homo sapiens appeared, ie several million years ago (more ancient fossils had never been found).

In the past, they were more widely distributed, but today they can not be seen outside this isolated little area of ​​Indonesia.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to survive a komodo dragon attack

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    1. Here’s a good way not to get bitten , stay inside of your house , a coupe of years ago maybe in 2014 when my brother was still in school to be a Dr. Jay asked me to look for Leeroy , our cat so I did and well…. I saw a Komodo dragon, and the stupid thing got to my wrist but… it still hurts like heck .

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