Product: Leatherman 830159(Stainless Still with Nylon Sheath) Surge
Price: 109.95$
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.3 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight: 1 pound
Guarantee: 25 Years
My Ratings: 9 out of 10

Update 2019 – please note that Leathermans have different serial numbers that differentiate between older to newer versions but the name remains the same.

This review is related to version number 830159.
A newer version is available now, 830160 which is exactly the same as the version that we have reviewed here except that it comes with a black oxide finish coating that supposed to add mild corrosion resistance.

From others experiences, I understand that this version is not recommended since the black coating tends to rub off, it will leave black color on your hand and will look completely worn and old after a short time.

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The Leatherman Surge Review 2018-2019 – Best Survival Multi-tool

The Leatherman Surge Pocket Multi-Tool is like the standard Pocket multi-tool, aside from the fact that it is bigger and stronger.

This is one of the two greatest multi-devices built by Leatherman. The primary thing you will see about this multi-tool is that it is larger than the normal size of the multi-tool, which is presumably why Leatherman multi-tools come with their very own pouches or sheaths, I bought the stainless still version with the nylon sheath(which I haven’t really used).

The Surge also comes with a premium nylon sheath and in THE black version which has a leather sheath, I understood that the premium nylon sheath has additional 2 side pockets, regarding the leather sheath I don’t really know details about it. What’s more, this multi-tool is built with more toughness.

So you have a Phillips screwdriver and pliers that won’t hurt your hand when endeavoring to squeeze. Moreover, the blades are longer and somewhat strong.

Features of the Leatherman Surge Pocket Multi-Tool

The Leatherman 830159 Surge Pocket Multi-Tool has 21 tools including:

  • 1. Needlenose Pliers.
  • 2. Regular Pliers.
  • 3. 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters.
  • 4. 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters.
  • 5. Stranded-wire Cutters.
  • 6. Electrical Crimper.
  • 7. Wire Stripper.
  • 8. 420HC Knife.
  • 9. 420HC Serrated Knife.
  • 10. Saw.
  • 11. Spring-action Scissors.
  • 12. Awl with Thread Loop.
  • 13. Ruler (8 inches | 19 centimeters).
  • 14. Can Opener.
  • 15. Bottle Opener.
  • 16. Wood/Metal File.
  • 17. Diamond-coated File.
  • 18. Blade Exchanger.
  • 19. Large Bit Driver.
  • 20. Large Screwdriver.
  • 21. Small Screwdriver.

The specifications of the Leatherman Surge Pocket Multi-Tool are:

  • a new design of the pliers, using heavy-duty materials
  • new longer edges and updated locks for additional safety
  • a new blade exchanger lets you switch between blades and files
  • 2 knives
  • redesigned scissors for unparalleled strength
  • two bit drivers – large and small
  • includes a leather sheath, nylon sheath, and a premium nylon sheath
  • 25-year warranty

PROs – our team’s experiences so far about the Leatherman Surge Pocket Multi-Tool

  • it’s by far the best multi-tool I’ve ever used
  • I worked in a ranch, and I have exercised my warranty for 3 multi-tools in 3 years before I bought the Surge…I’ve been using it every day since I bought it, and it has never let me down, not once
  • Finally, a multifunctional device with a large blade and exchangeable blade and files, I already changed the blades a few times and almost every small jigsaw blades would fit in.
  • I like the beefy, sturdy, big pliers
  • The way the pliers’ grip is similar to that of a vice
  • My most loved part of the Surge is the awl, simply best for jobs where you need something sharp, yet still, something that will not stab whatever you’re dealing with
  • The large flat head screwdriver is just excellent
  • the Surge looks great
  • Intelligent design with replaceable saw and file pocket
  • Strong, robust and reliable
  • I love the size of the scissors, mostly what you expect from the multi-tool tool, these are the small fragile things that cannot be cut across the rope … they are completely different, as strong as conventional scissors
  • I already had more tools in my garage, but when I saw a number of bits that came with Surge, I just could not resist it. And they all I hoped it would be
  • Excellent balance between weight and function
  • This tool goes beyond camping, hiking, or a bit of practical work around the house, it’s a really robust tool and still small and light enough to take you on every day
  • Much better than Gerber I lost before ordering for this surge… better grip, better cutting power, and bigger blade
  • Everything I can say to people who think about getting a surge is: “Go and buy it.” … a no-brainer now that I own it
  • Tool selection is absolutely perfect for a boat
  • 21 tools! … I feel that this will be enough to replace the usual tools for 90{42deb250bbb7812f589f4326531bfd672cedddd631c37b6fecc45c2541b29367} of work
  • No signs of wear after several months of daily use

CONs from the Leatherman Surge Pocket Multi-Tool

  • The lid should be larger
  • Heavy and spacious if you are planning to carry it around
  • I donated this gift to my uncle abroad, and part of it would not open, says he has repaired it and I am just hoping that he’s not just saying it to make me feel better
  • I believe that the edges of the handle are not smooth enough

We hope that you liked our Leatherman surge review 2018 – 2019.
Do you agree that it is the best survival multi-tool? please share with us your thoughts in the comments below below

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