Best Nail Fungus Treatment in 2022, Natural And Safe, Fungomat Review.

In this article, I will write on the best nail fungus treatment in 2022, Care Plus’s Fungomat review.
If you are familiar with my blog then you already know that I’m writing based on mine or our website’s team experiences.

The Best Nail Fungus Treatment In 2022, Care Plus’s Fungomat Review

I am writing this article because of a friend of ours who knows our blog and just forced us to write an article on a great product that helped him to get rid of his nail fungus which he was suffering from for many years.

He felt that we must “spread the word” on this for all the people who are suffering from this annoying problem, and so we did.

To get straight to the point, the product’s name is Fungomat and it is manufactured in Israel by Care Plus.
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best nail fungus treatment 2022
Fungomat by Care Plus

So we did our research and it turns out that this product is a huge hit among the Israeli people, which among them lots of athletes and football players which are recommending it freely in tv shows etc and it is recommended by doctors(this is how our friend got it).

The Fungomat is completely natural and made from essential oils, herbal elements, and minerals, it comes as a kit which includes besides the treatment oil a file and an innovative Pitronor ointment(I will explain their importance later in the article).

Luckily it is now available on Amazon and they even offer 100% guaranteed results or your money back.

You can check out the Fungomat here on Amazon.

Nail Fungus – Facts, And Treatments In 2022

In our research on this topic, we read a lot about this topic and here are some important facts by professor Arnon Cohen in his article for Clalit – the biggest HMO in Israel.

What Is Nail Fungus?

What Is Nail Fungus

“Nail fungus is an infection of the foot nails caused by fungi. This is a common disease that appears at a very high rate in the population, and its frequency increases with age.”

What Are The Risk Factors For Nail Fungus?

“The fungus grows in hot, humid places, so people who wear closed shoes for many hours are at risk of getting infected.”

What Are The Symptoms Of Nail Fungus?

• Thickening and change of form of the nails.

• Turbidity of the nails.

• Change of the tone of the nails to white, yellow or brown.

• Disconnection of the nail.

Is Nail Fungus A Dangerous Disease?

“Fungal infections in the nails are usually not dangerous in the short term. In fact, the main complaint of people who have fungus of nails is the appearance of the nails.

In the long run, nail fungus – in some people – can spread and cause foot fungus and secondary bacterial infection of the skin.”

Is It Possible To Prevent The Appearance Of Fungus?

“It is very difficult to prevent fungus from the fingernails since this is a very common infection.”

What Should I Do To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting?

• Avoid closed shoes.

• Keep your feet clean and dry.

• Avoid sharing nail care tools, such as clippers or scissors.

• Keep your slippers on you in common showers, gyms or dressing rooms.

• “Construction” of cosmetic ornaments on the toenails may cause the fungus, and so should be avoided. Remove            the building if a fungus has already appeared in the fingernails.”

Is There An Examination For The Diagnosis Of Nail Fungus?

“Yes. In order to confirm the diagnosis of nail fungus, it is customary to take a small sample of the nail in the lab, look at it under a microscope and make a fungus culture. The examination is not painful.”

Is There Any Special Preparation For Testing Required?

“Yes. 10 days before the test It is forbidden to rub any cream or polish on the toenails.”

How do you do the test?

“There are two types of tests:

1. Direct surface – the test is done by dyeing the sample and examining it under a microscope.

2. Culture – is done by sowing the specimen from the fingernails and growing it for a period of up to one month and even longer. Therefore, the answer to the test is usually taken after one to one-and-a-half months after taking the test.”

Can The Nail Fungus Be Treated Without A Laboratory Test?

“It is advisable to make a surface and culture before starting to treat nail fungus of the feet. In some cases, if the clinical appearance of the fungus in the nails is very typical, dermatologists may treat the fungus of the nails even without doing any surface and culture tests.”

“The problem is that when we treat the fungus without having preceded the surface and culture tests, it may not be a nail fungus, but another disease of nails such as psoriasis,” says professor Arnon.

Best Nail Fungus Treatment In 2022

In our research, we have found the best treatments for nail fungus, some are better than the others and we will explain them.

There Are 3 Types Of Treatments Based On Clinical Studies And Results

1. Local Treatment

Made by various types of nail polish and creams. There are a large number of polishes and creams in the market that claim to have antifungal activity and few of them are prescribed by a doctor prescription.

The only cream treatment that has been in the past 15 years is 8 percent ciclopirox but it has little success of less than 10 percent of all cases.
In recent years, several types of polishes and Creams have emerged, with much higher success rates.

Despite the low success rates, it should be noted that they are the average of total cases, including very advanced cases that “reduce” the success rate. In lighter cases, the success rates are higher.

One of the main reasons for the lower percentages is the ability to “penetrate” the antifungal material through the thick nail that affects its effective concentration in the nail root.

The good news is that you can increase the ability to penetrate through the nail in two ways:

  • File the nail with a nail file(Remember the file on the top of the article?) to reduce its thickness. You need to file all the nail – both from the “top” and the base and not just the edge.
    This should be done as often as once a week. It is important to wash the nail file with soap and water between the treatments or even disinfect it with boiling water or alcohol to prevent re-infection.
  • Daily use of urea-containing preparations (40%). They help “soften” the nail, thereby increasing the permeability of the antifungal material.

The Fungomat kit comes with a nail file and a natural innovative Pitronor ointment which softens the nail and nourishes it.

Careplus Fungus Cream Toenail Fungus Treatment

2. Systemic Treatment (Given Orally)

Today there are several drugs but it is worth mentioning only two of them which are the more specific and effective treatment for nail fungus.

Terbinafine (Lamisil): This drug is very effective and relatively safe with about 75% success and the most common treatment in severe cases. It is taken once a day for three months and has a low percentage of side effects, which usually disappear after a few days.

This drug requires blood tests to evaluate liver function. Lamisil is not given to women during pregnancy and to people with liver dysfunction and those with increased alcohol consumption.

Itraconazole (Sporanox): A less effective and less safe drug than Lamisil, which is currently relatively low in use and has a somewhat different activity than that of Lamisil.

It is used as an alternative in cases where other treatments have failed, or in cases where it is more effective for certain types of fungi found in the laboratory of the nail.

3. Laser Therapy

This treatment is the most significant innovation in recent years and has enormous potential. The laser beams penetrate the nail root safely and painlessly and kill the fungi that cause infection and do not cause damage to the healthy tissue.

In my opinion, we will see great improvement in 2022 of the laser devices in the war against nail fungus but for now, these treatments and devices can be a bit pricey and from conversations with few people who used them we understand that they are not so effective.

What Else Will Help The Treatment Succeed?

Reduce the amount of pathogen that causes infection: This will allow the body to cope with it more successfully. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the nails “short” as possible and to file them for the reasons mentioned above on a weekly basis.

The combination of these treatments, or a combination with alternative therapies not mentioned, does not guarantee total success but can increase the chances of success.

To prevent as much as possible re-infestation: One of the reasons for the “stubbornness” of the fungus is not necessarily due to their persistence, but rather from “reinfection”, which is also true for the skin fungus.
In other words, the shoes, the bath, the floor are actually used as a source of reinfection even during and after treatment.

Therefore, it is critical to constantly cleanse them with fungicides capable of destroying the fungi. It is very important to create a dry and clean environment in the shoes, both to reduce the unpleasant smell of them and to make it difficult for fungi and easier life for us.


Fungal infections in the nails are usually not dangerous. The main complaint of people suffering from the fungus is the appearance of the nails.

To verify the diagnosis, it is customary to take a small sample of the nail in the lab, look at it under a microscope, and make a fungus culture. It does not hurt.

Treatment is given for a period of between three months and six months. The nail grows very slowly, so you can see the response to treatment only after a few months.

Not anyone wants and able to take pills for a few months and the pills solution requires liver functioning tests.
The laser solution is not good enough and can be pricey.

The Fungomat can be a great solution as it is completely natural, has amazing reviews and feedbacks and it comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

So we really believe that you should give Fungomat a try and based on our research it is the Best nail fungus treatment in 2022.

You can check it out here on Amazon!

Please give us your thoughts and share with us your experience with the Fungomat or other treatments that you tried down here in the comments.

I really hope that you have found this Fungomat review as helpful.

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