Best 6 Portable Bidets For Hiking And Camping

I have just recently discovered the portable bidet and as an indusiate hiker and camper which also cares a lot about hygiene, this device is a great thing to have in your backpack.

Are you going for hiking? Are you going camping? Or are you just going for traveling? Well, we would say better to forget the bag than ignoring the bidet. For every hygiene freak, a bidet is a lifesaver. When they are available in potable shapes, the toilet experience will be apt even in the jungle (if you are adventurous that way!) A travel bidet uses a nozzle to spray your private parts for cleaning as it comes with a portable water bottle.

These bidets can be carried around in the bag, and the compactness is apt to fit them in the glove compartment. This device is suitable for the people who hate using toilet papers or using the restrooms. The best part of using the portable bidet is the zero difference in user experience for the regular bidet users. At the bottom, a small air valve is inculcated, which inflows the air and outflows the water from the nozzle. The users are liable to clasp the bottle harder and lighter to control the water pressure.

How to Use a Portable Bidet?

The usage method for portable bidets is pretty straightforward as there are wiring controls, and remote controlling isn’t involved. So, let’s see how you can use these bidets;

  • Remove the top cap
  • Fill it with water (keep a finger on the air valve)
  • Put on the top cap
  • Remove the finger from the air valve
  • Spray the water through squeezing
  • If done using, throw away the extra water and wash the bottle

Best 6 Portable Bidets For Hiking And Camping To Add To Your Backpack

1. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70

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This bidet has a water holding capacity of 400ml that comes with the coverable nozzle, and the bottle comes in blue color. The carrying bottle is pretty private (every user is thankful for it!) The manufacturing is soft, and with the dots on the bottle, the grip is enhanced due to the friction improvement.

The nozzle head has been set on an angle to validate the spraying. The bottle has a metal bottom to ensure long-life and zero leakages. The water holding capacity is pretty sufficient, but still, it’s portable enough to throw in the bag pack. However, some users complained about the brittle water pressure.

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2. Bio Bidet the Palm TP70

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This bidet has been designed for travelers who need more water holding capacity and don’t want to take a toll on the travel experience. It can be thrown in the bag pack easily without a need to refill on a continuous basis. The water holding capacity measures 450ml, and with the 7.5” angles nozzle, the user experience is boosted. It’s because users can take care of hygiene without worrying about multiple nozzle movements.

With this bidet, you can reach to the farthest places, and water flow will remain intact. The bottle manufacturing is soft and curved to ensure the ultimate grip. In the case of the nozzle, five holes are designed to ensure efficient water flow, and if you squeeze harder, the water pressure will be increased to a significant rate. At the bottom, there is an air-lock that not only ensures null leakages, but the control is apt as well. You need to put the air-lock tightly or else; the leak will be bad!

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3. GenieBidet-GO Easy-to-use Portable Bidet

This bidet uses a BPA-free plastic made, which feels soft to touch and sturdy grip. The nozzle is lengthy to reach the far places. The middle section is curved to allow a good grip, and the angled nozzle spray will ensure apt water spraying. The best thing about this bidet is its null need to operate the batteries, and with the water holding capacity of 400ml, the water storage will be ample to keep you going.

There is a carrying pouch that allows the users to store the bidet without making it obvious. There is a year warranty available, and with the lightweight, it’s a perfect traveling partner for the hygiene lovers. However, you might need to consider the water pressure as it requires squeezing due to zero battery operation.

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4. Mobile Toilet Shower by Toto

This bidet has a compelling bottle that is battery operated and uses the AA batteries. If empty, it can be carried around in the pocket and has a water holding capacity of 180ml. It can be held in the bag, and the grey tank has a sturdy made to ensure long-life.

There are two wash settings; soft, which flows water at the speed of eight to nine ml per second and normal releases the water at a much higher water pressure. When the batteries are fully charged, they can last for two weeks. Many people don’t like the idea of limited water holding capacity, so consider that and your usage.

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5. Hibbent Portable Bidet Toilette – Electric Bidet

This is the battery-operated bidet with the water holding capacity of 165ml. It weighs 200g and uses the rechargeable lithium batteries with the 3.7V / 500mA power. Once fully charged, the batteries can be used for up to 100 cycles.

If the water pressure is high, it will take 30 seconds, and on average, it uses the 60 seconds cycle. During charging, the red will be on. If we talk about the design, the long nozzle ensures reaching far places. The air-tight technology is inculcated to optimize the water pressure and reduce the leakages. In the package, the charger and cable are added to charge the batteries.

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6. 2PCS-Pack Travel Bidet Portable

This is our top pick as it comes with two bidets as that’s apt for the travelers. Each bidet has the water holding capacity of 450ml equipped long nozzles and uses the pouches to keep everything discrete. The nozzle is angled at 7.5” to ensure easy cleaning as it’s detachable. The nozzle uses seven hoes for effective cleaning.  

The bidet has small dots on the middle part to reduce friction, and the soft build ensures water squeezing easier. This bidet doesn’t use batteries and weighs only eight ounces. But, people have been complaining about the improper lid closing.

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This article covered the top bidets for travelers, hikers, and climbers to ensure easy cleaning for the people who prefer using water rather than toilet papers or using both.

A portable bidet is super cheap, can fit easily in your backpack and can make your time in the wild much more pleasant and clean.

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