Best Full Face Respirator For Viruses(Corona) And Chemicals

A full-face respirator mask is the best Prevention tool against Viral and Bacterial Infections, Chemicals, and biological threats.

MIRA SAFETY Full-Face Respirator CM-6M is being used by professionals for many years and it is my top choice.
We’ll discuss it and the other popular options like the surgical and the N95 and P100 masks.

Coronavirus has exposed a new dimension to our fears. You don’t understand the gravity of such issues until you are actually in danger. Coronavirus is just one of the many viruses that are all around us. Everyone who is in contact with the outside world is always at risk of being a victim to the spread of some viral or bacterial infection. Especially for viruses that enter through your respiratory pipes.

It is not yet confirmed if the virus came into being due to some mistake. There is a school of thought that firmly believes that the virus was developed inside a lab and could be a source of warfare in today’s world.

Again, it is not yet confirmed, but most analysts have warned us of possible biological warfare, as they believe such viruses and infections are what the countries will opt for soon.

It is a good point for me to say that the information in this article is based on my own experience and research.
Please visit the CDC website for the official guides and recommendations.

If that is the case, all we can do at an individual level is prepare ourselves for the worst and hope for the best. We can’t stop such an attack from taking place, it’s better to be prepared just in case we get caught in one of this new generation warfare. The other option is also equally important, I.e., hoping for the best.

If I get pointed out to be a little paranoid regarding this, then we should still be prepared if it got spread accidentally.

Best Full Face Respirator For Viruses Chemicals And Biological Threats – Why Do I Need One? What Are The Other Options?

There was a study that proved that with global warming the ice in the polar caps is melting at an extremely rapid pace.

There is a commonly held belief among scientists that with the melting of the ice there is a possibility of viruses and bacterial infections to return once again which have contributed to several deaths in the medieval times.

Some of our ancestors were unlucky to be a victim of such attacks but why should we repeat their mistakes? It is so important to learn from history and not let it repeat.

They did not have the luxury of affording the latest prevention methods due to a lack of availability.

Coronavirus, itself, has been around for a very long time. This is suddenly a source of panic because it is a new strand of the same virus and scientists will take time to develop a cure for it. If it has happened once, who is to say it will not happen again?

Globalization, in particular, has a lot of good things, but it has also contributed to such problems.

The spread of these infections is one such thing. Coronavirus has been an eye-opener, for sure. With everyone constantly traveling in and out of different countries, every single day, a viral infection such as the Coronavirus, which is so contagious, has spread like wildfire, all around the world.

There have been confirmed cases of Coronavirus not only in the neighboring countries of China but all over the world. So, do not let people make fun of you for being scared of such an infection, you should always try to be safe and try to convince your loved ones to opt for such safety precautions, as well. 

Talking about prevention, soon after the news broke out from Wuhan, there was an extreme shortage around Asian markets for surgical masks.

Everyone flocked to buy them to avoid getting the virus. But it was not long before the doctors explained that the surgical masks will not help combat the Coronavirus.

This was because the surgical masks do not offer enough protection against Coronavirus or other such contagious diseases. Surgical masks can be good for avoiding the common flu, in some cases, but even for those cases, it is not advised. 

N95 Respirators – Good Protection Against The Corona Virus

No need to panic, though, there is a solution to all of this. The professionals have suggested a quick switch to the N95 respirators.

The N95 respirator is a lot stronger in fighting off the virus. It is so important to keep the virus away from your body, be it any virus.

The thing with viruses is that they never die, as they are not even living organisms. How do you kill something that is not alive? They stay in your body forever and are a constant threat to your immune system.

This means that it would be very easy for other harmful microorganisms to get in and put you at risk for developing some kind of disease. So, your best bet is making sure the virus does not enter your system.

Coronavirus, in particular, puts the people with respiratory issues at risk, the most. For this matter, it’s highly important to make sure that we are properly prepared to fight such an issue.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. The N95 respirators and the P100 masks are available everywhere. It’s a better idea to use those instead of the surgical masks.

They are definitely on the expensive side; however, they are also far better in helping you live, so I think it’s a pretty decent deal. Certain cautions come with it, though.

Cons Of The N95 Respirators

The N95 respirators are not as easy to use as the surgical masks. This is because they offer a lot more protection against the infections, so it makes it a little tougher to breathe. People who struggle to breathe in normal circumstances may not be entirely comfortable in using such a mask. However, that is the kind of protection that works at such times.  

Safety always comes at a cost. It is important to make sure your investment has been done in something solid. There is also a proper way of wearing these masks. You need to make sure that you do not come in contact with the outside part of the mask, especially when taking it off. 

What people normally do is that they wear the mask and even then their choice is in wearing a normal surgical mask. Then, when they take it off, they hold the outside part of the mask and then take it off, which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask for so long. 

Another point to consider – Many viruses and chemicals can enter our body through our eyes, this will make these respirators unuseful and here is where a full-face mask enters the story.

The N95 and P100 masks are decent in fighting off the viruses; however, it is advised to be extra cautious in today’s world. Now, that we know, this is an issue, it is better to get maximum protection.

Full-Face Respirator Mask The Best Solution For Viruses, Chemicals, and Biological Threats

mira safety cm-6m tactical gas mask

For this matter, doctors have prescribed the full-face mask. The best one for this purpose is the MIRA Safety Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator. It is not exactly designed for fashion and does not look great, but it more than serves the purpose.

The MIRA Safety Full-Facepiece is available on Mira Safety’s On Amazon.

I know that this seller on Amazon has a limited amount of masks in stock so in case the Amazon page is closed you can refer to Mira Safety’s website.

The MIRA Safety facemask covers the possibility of a virus entering your eyes, as well. Some viruses are so viral and such a massive threat that they could enter from your eyes, as well.

The MIRA Safety facemask is perfect in dealing with such an issue as it offers protection from all kinds of viruses. Again, as compared to the surgical masks and the other options, this is probably a bit more expensive.

And again, I offer the same dilemma, is it worth putting your life at risk when you know there is a problem but you have not dealt with it effectively.

Fashion, money and peer pressure are all important things in life. It is extremely important to look good, maybe even more important not to be reckless in your spending and listening to your loved ones, well, you cannot put a value on how important that is.


All of this considered, life and health come first. Not only yours but also of your family and your friends that you care about. It is human nature to not worry about things when they don’t affect you directly, but the minute a tragedy happens to someone you are close to, you realize the importance of being safe.

That is why your best option in fighting off an infection, be it viral or bacterial, is the MIRA Safety facemask. It is extremely easy to wear, it might take a bit of time in getting used to, but once you do, you would not need to worry about any kind of viral infection. The most important thing after getting the MIRA Safety facemask is convincing your loved ones to do the same. I’m sure you can take a bit of banter when something as important as your life is at risk, but make sure you do convince them. Once again, it is better to be safe than to be sorry!

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