Best Self Defense Items To Carry That Are Light, Cheap And Not Lethal.

Being a soldier and working in various security guard jobs I have used lots of self-defense items, here we’ll discuss the 5 Best Self Defense Items To Carry on you that are non-lethal, easy to use and purchase, light weighted and easy to carry.

Quite a few American series and films teach us that there are a variety of ways and means to protect ourselves, whether we are men who work at night or in dangerous places and need to use various means to protect yourself from strangers, or whether we are women that need to protect herself from harassing and aggressive men.

In addition, the increase in acts of terrorism around the world gives us another reason to equip ourselves with an effective tool for self-defense.

Best Self Defense Items To Carry, pepper spray
Pepper Spray Keychain, an example for a self-defense item.

Over the years, the circle of those items that can be used for self-defense has expanded, and we will try to ensure that our readers, both men, and women, are given the best knowledge and information about the items available in the market.

Before we present some of these items, it is important to emphasize that not every item is qualitative and suitable for self-defense, not every item can help, and moreover, we must think practically, what means we can use and when.

There are items that we can not take everywhere. That is why we need to think, what items we can really use and how.

Before we begin the review, it is important to mention, any means we choose to buy, it is better to purchase in a professional and quality place and we must make sure that we know how to use it and therefore must practice the use of it as much as we can. Otherwise, we will buy protection measures and in real time we will not know what to do with them.

The moment we are attacked and need to use these items is different from the moment we undergo training. At this moment we have fear, the adrenalin flows through the body, there are elements that may paralyze us, so it is important that we undergo training again and again in order to be prepared for this moment.

Self-defense is a necessity.

You understand that, but do not really feel like starting to practice shooting or practicing black-level judo? Maybe you’re just tired of carrying things that feel like a constant, annoying weight and looking for something low in weight that is convenient to use, does not require a license or special permits, is not life-threatening and affordable?

Cold weapon

In addition to guns that require a special license, there are a number of popular weapons used by civilians in emergency situations. Here are some cold weapons to use to increase your sense of security.

Best self-defense items to carry

Based on our long experience as soldiers, security guards and survival gear sellers, we came up with a list of our best self-defense items to carry for best convenient and protection.

We will explain each of the items later in the article, we have also added links of our favorite items for your convenience in case you want to check them out.

Note that are posts might contain affiliate links which will earn us a small commision by using them, no added cost for you to do so. Thanks!

Our list of best self-defense items to carry:

  1. Self-defense with Pepper spray
  2. Self-defense with a Telescopic stick
  3. Self-defense with a Stun Gun/Electric Shocker
  4. Self-defense with a Tactical flashlight
  5. Self-defense with Air rifle/pistol
  6. Self-defense with Personal alarm keychain

1. Self-defense with Pepper spray 

One of the most popular self-defense products in the world market is the pepper spray And the most beautiful thing? It does not require any special skill.

Pepper gas is a type of tear gas intended for civilian use, for self-defense. Since this is natural gas produced from the pepper plant (a family that includes both pepper and chili …) it is not dangerous to pregnant women like tear gas used by security forces.
This means that even when there is a need to use it, innocent people who get into the place will not be harmed.

And what is needed in order to use a spray of pepper gas for self-defense?
Keeping a distance from the attacker?

Well, not really. The pepper spray also wins these parameters. Even the neighborhood’s fat boy, whose last gym class was 17 years ago, and the skinny girl, can protect themselves with pepper spray that does not require skill, experience or practice.

It is small and portable. Its size makes it possible to hide it in a standard bag. The active ingredient in it is at least one percent of capsaicin, leaving you with a stable protection ring while your attacker is busy wiping his blurred eyes from the spiciness and deeply regretting the idea of attacking you.

To ensure that your attacker is disabled for as long as possible, it is important to know that splashing the pepper gas on his face will cause him to experience a severe cooling sensation, leaking nose, rolling eyes, coughing and difficulty in breathing.

These symptoms will go away after half an hour to 45 minutes, and his eyes will heal within 24 hours. The aggressor is left alive, but we strike him out elegantly, so he can understand that you are not the one to mess with. That’s how it is when a nerve toxin composed of hot peppers comes into a hot, precise action.

You can buy pepper spray in a variety of ways and places, but you should be sure to buy in a safe place with appropriate licenses.
This is because, with increased acuity, gas can endanger asthma patients and other people with respiratory problems.
The required acrobatics between maximum protection for yourself, neutralizing negative factors that want to attack you, and caution about environmental pollution and the danger of those around – turn the pepper spray into a winning product.

The pepper spray is sprayed with an impressive black pistol or spray tanks.
The two are the same: they aim at the attacker’s face and spray it thoroughly, with the intention of wetting his face completely.

In the case of a pepper spray gun, a bit practice is required but it is very easy to use, it looks like a real gun so it will scare the attacker and prevent him from approaching you which is a huge benefit.

it can provide you with the ability to protect yourself from distance, my recommended pepper spray gun can be used from a distance of 150+ feet and it comes with practice rounds and great user manual.

Check out here my recommended pepper spray gun on Amazon!

In the case of a pepper spray can, you do not have to understand too much or practice how to use it. If ever in your life you had an insect that scared you in the middle of the summer or annoying mosquito that decided to bite you-you’ll probably have a chance to protect yourself with the spray that is the most convenient means to use.

More than that?

Its nice price in comparison to the alternatives is a kind of dessert for many of his virtues.
As mentioned, the pepper spray can come as a spray gun and a spray tank but not only. It is also available as a wristband, keychain, pen, ring and even as lipstick shape can.

Main cons for the pepper spray tank.

It can create an inverse effect, instead of protecting, it may harm the user by spraying pepper in the wrong direction while stressing situation in self-defense.

This is why I prefer a pepper spray which is made of Gel, this reduces the risk of the product from spreading and return to your face when there is wind.

Check out here my favorite pepper gel spray on Amazon!

2. Self-defense with a telescopic stick

Every day after work you go past a dark alley …

From time to time, as part of your work, you have to enter that hostile village …

The neighborhood bully has shown you once what happens to you when he is in the area …

There are situations that require you to defend yourself. And in the best possible way.
Exactly for such situations, the telescopic stick was invented.

Assuming that you used to train and your muscles are reasonably developed, and assuming you have enough strength to return one dose to your attacker, these telescopic sticks will allow you to realize the nostalgic childhood threat: ‘If you touch me, I’ll beat you’.

One thing is certain: someone who attacks you will think twice before trying to hurt you again. Beating from those telescopes are not desirable candies, so it will allow you to convince the assailant to get out of your radius as soon as possible.

But just before we understand why we should use telescopic sticks as a tool for self-defense, we will talk for a moment on what this is all about.

What is a self-defense stick?

A short, thick stick, unlike a broomstick, for example, which is long and slender. Of course, there is also the difference in the use of it … A self-defense stick is designed to deter and, when necessary, also to give blows to those who dare to attack you.

And what is telescopic?

When you want a long rod, but do not want to fold it by hinges, nor do you want to hold it like that, long, you put a narrower rod in a hollow shaft that is wider than it. If so, telescopic sticks are a thick stick from which an extension is pulled, so it becomes a longer stick.

Like any self-defense tool, those telescopic sticks gives you the possibility to protect yourself by legal means, in case someone tries to hurt you.

If a stray dog decides to open a mouth full of teeth in front of you – these will convince him to move away soon.
Not by chance, these are the oldest weapons in the world. All in all, a stick that is more powerful than the human bones along with a reasonable health of the holder of these sticks is all it takes to make it a popular tool to disperse rioters at demonstrations.

Among the self-defense tools, the telescopic stick protrudes in its lightweight, so it is easy to carry it regularly. Despite its lightweight, it is strong. This is because it is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel, Yes, the material from which strong and high-quality cooking pots are made.

Another advantage of the telescopic stick is the possibility of a quick opening while keeping a distance from the attacker, as opposed to an electric shocker, for example.
A feature that turns it into a self-defense tool that distances attackers before they actually approach you.

After he gets your beating, the assailant will feel pain from the blow of the stick. If you are careful to maintain good fitness, you can even break a person’s bones through a lethal combination of a thick stick and the bulky that holds her.

Assuming that you just wanted to protect yourself, it is enough that the attacker will deal with his personal pain and shock from the beatings.
There is no need for more than that.

Check out my recommended telescopic stick here on Amazon!

3. Self-defense with a Stun Gun/Electric Shocker

If you happen to have plugged an electrical appliance into a socket – you may have been getting a small electric current. It is unpleasant but does not kill.

This is about what happens to attackers who experience the operation of an electric shocker on their body, at a higher level than just a broken instrument, of course.

When the insolent person who dared to attack you feels the electric shock attached to him (some models paralyze the assailant even in contact with his clothes) he will experience the pain of a passing current, like a pulse moving rapidly from the point of contact of the stun gun to the whole body.

Since the brain controls the activity of the muscles with a light electric current, and the controller disrupts this mechanism for a few seconds, the aggressor will usually fall.
If your equipment is of high quality, his leg muscles will shrink, which will not allow him to stand.

The advantage of self-defense electric shocker is its simplicity. A slight click and the attacker snatches the shock of his life.
It is not consumable and does not end. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for a long time, and what is needed is simply to charge its battery when it is empty.

An electric shocker/stun gun is legal in most countries. Why? First of all, it is a classic in the niche of self-defense, the second reason is that it is not really causing damage to the attacker. The worst case is partial paralysis for a few seconds to a minute.
Not that you should try on yourself, because it hurts … but its effectiveness depends on adapting the model to the situation.

In fact, the common question of how to use an electric shocker depends on the model.

There is a disguised electric shocker that can look like a big flashlight or an innocent cell phone, compared to those that look like thick, short sticks.
There is, of course, the Taser – an electric shocker that looks like a gun and is mostly used in police and military use.

A woman who wants a Shocker/stun gun to self-defense will usually prefer small, light models that go into a woman’s bag and disappear without being seen from outside.

But it is important to remember that the advantage of the shocker is the ability of the paralysis of the aggressor, and this ability is achieved by an electric current that stuns him.

If the shocker is of a good quality, a big bully can fold all over the floor like a rag doll. True, only for a few seconds, but in appropriate cases, it is enough to get the fighting spirit out of him.

A man who is supposed to travel in a hostile area, on the other hand, may prefer massive and conspicuous models, those who almost shout “Do not touch me,” in the shape of a gun.

Alternatively, you can choose a shocker/stun gun that looks like a professional travel flashlight or a slightly outdated iPhone.

The beautiful thing is that although self-defense equipment might be more aggressive than an electric shocker, the very fact that it is not a lethal tool is a tremendous virtue that gives it a high safety factor.
This is, of course, valid only when used correctly, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms of use.

and not only this. Those who work in the security field will benefit from the warning capability before use.
Unlike other protective devices that operate in silence, the electric shocker has a typical squeaking sound: the electric pulse that sounds the moment it is turned on.

A security guard who plays the sound of the shocker, sometimes will not have to use it to neutralize hostile elements from close range. They will escape only from the sound …

I personally love the Avenger Defense stun gun as it very powerful has a built-in flashlight and it makes a really really strong and intimidating sound that I have never heard in any other stun gun.
And it also comes with a great price.

You can check out The Avenger Defense stun gun here on Amazon!

4. Self-defense with a Tactical flashlight

I used to use those a lot both in my military service and in security jobs and having a good quality tactical flashlight has always provided me the confidence to deal with whatever comes, certainly, this is one of my favorite self-defense tools.

The tactical flashlight shines with a very strong force which causes the attacker to have temporary myopia, blindness and a sense of nausea, discomfort, and headaches.

The range of impact of the flashlight varies from one to the next and depends on the quality and intensity of the lighting and whether it is a day or a night.

The tactical flashlight is available in several versions and it is possible to purchase an integrated flashlight with an alarm and even with an electric shocker, which creates a perfect combination of self-defense tools.

The great thing with the tactical flashlight is that you can disable the attacker from a distance, it can also be used as a stick which you can hit the attacker with.
If you want to use it as a simple flashlight just so you can see in the dark, you can do it too just by using the low beam option.

Although it is a bit pricier than the rest, it is a great self-defense tool to have.

When it comes to tactical flashlights, Streamlight is my favorite as they have great quality products and very good customer service.

I recommend to check out the Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-X here on Amazon!

5. Self-defense with Air rifle/pistol:

It is a weapon that uses compressed air to fire a small bullet (usually 4.5 mm in diameter) with a force through a barrel with coils, and it is important to distinguish between the air rifles that using lead ammunition, which is defined as weapons for all intents and purposes and requires a license and airsoft guns that fire slow-speed ceramic balls, these air guns can be carried and used for self-defense and protection from attackers .

Self-defense with knuckles:

Enables the punching of a person to attack or defend when he is in close contact with another person and tries to neutralize him quickly with a single shot.

The knuckles are made of metal and are designed to fit the hand when part of it is prominent beyond the knuckles.
The knuckles are designed to increase the force of a punch and to protect the beating hand from injury at the same time.

When punching, the knuckles are designed to make the contact area smaller and harder with the opponent, resulting in more damage.
The knuckles also absorb a large part of the force of the blow, thus protecting the attacker’s fingers.

There are even Knuckles with a built-in electric shocker for an increased shock to the attacker

6. Self-defense with Personal alarm keychain

When we walk around alone, our sense of personal security is undermined even more, and just for moments like this, the next gadget is designed.

The tiny personal alarm also serves as a keychain and can easily accompany you anywhere, when it is accessible in your pocket and can be operated without removing the device at all.

When you press the alarm, which looks like a car key, it will make a sharp, high-pitched sound of 130 decibels, and this is meant to deter the attacker and call out to everyone within earshot.

You can get the Vigilant personal alarm here on Amazon!

Do you use self-defense items? do you have additional items to add to our list of best self-defense items to carry?
Please leave us a comment below.

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