Best Fire Alarm/Smoke And CO Detector for Basement

If you are looking for the best Fire Alarm/Smoke detector for basement than I highly recommend on a device with dual smoke sensors and since the basement is in a very high risk of having a high level of CO than you should choose a smoke detector that has also Co detection capabilities and that can send notification to your phone since an alarm might not be heard in a basement.

Such a device is the Nest Protect 2nd Generation and it is my recommendation.

What is a Fire Alarm?

The fire alarm is a part made up of many devices that use visual and audio signals to warn and indicate people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide that is spreading in the area of coverage.

Fire alarms are mostly placed in a certain area which it can cover. These alarms are activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors and also activated by manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points.

The signals of the alarms can be the loud-a siren signal or maybe just by the light blinking-it totally depends upon the owner of the fire alarm system that what kind of detection he wants.

 Benefits of Fire Alarm:

The latest fire alarm systems are very up to date and intelligent. There are a lot of benefits that are to be further discussed. Firstly the fire alarms are a major source to detect danger and help them by warning people. As it warns the people-they can easily safeguard their valuable items and properties. These alarms have the tendency to automatically call the fire brigade so that the action could be taken as early as possible and prevent any kind of loss. Lastly, these fire alarm systems have the tendency to tell exactly where the problem is.

Nest Protect – The Best Fire Alarm And CO Detector For Basement

When it comes to choosing a fire alarm for the basement of your house, one of the finest options available at your disposable is the Nest Protect. It is only fair to state that the Nest Protect offers a state-of-the-art product for home safety.

A great way to check it out(it as tons of reviews and FAQ) and to buy it is from this seller on Amazon.

The Nest Protect Gen 2 is a smart smoke/CO detector which means that it has smart abilities.

A few of its abilities are, sending alerts to your phone, smart thermostat, displaying of weather, temperature, battery status and more.

It also has a very stylish and clean design with a beautiful display and it is my recommended device not only for your basement but also to your all house and floors in it.

Being a smart stylish device making it a bit more expensive than other great devices that are much more basic.

So, in case that its price is high for your budget, don’t worry! later on this article, I added a link for an article on the best smoke/CO detectors/alarms on the market that are more basic and much cheaper.

Check out this awesome Nest protect Gen 2 Review!

What are the best location to place smoke and CO(carbon monoxide) detector in a basement?

The best place to install a CO and smoke detector in a basement is on the ceiling close to the stairway entry point leading to the house.

This will enable people living in the house to hear the alarm and to know that there is a fire or high levels of CO in the basement.

The smoke/CO detector should be installed within 12 inches or less of where the wall and ceiling meet and should be checked after installation.

Do not install it near exterior opening such as doors or windows neither not near air conditions since the flow of air might Dissolve and dilute the smoke needed to activate the alarm.


The Nest Protect fire alarm is a smart device that merges fire alarm, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, self-monitoring system and home automation capabilities, all in one.

You can easily synchronize the fire alarm with your smartphone and have all of the alerts.

This ensures that you will immediately be notified of a threat and you can call for help even when you are not at home. Moreover, you are in charge of turning off the false alarms as well.

Nest Protected is your best bet if you are looking forward to installing a fire alarm system in the basement since it comes with a built-in, dedicated sensor for the smoke that is a hybrid of LED and a photoelectric sensor.

Since the radioactive material as commonly found in all of the ionization, sensors is not used, it is legal to use this fire alarm system in all states of America.

The hybrid sensor, on the other hand, is more responsive and accurate for smoke detection as well.

Since a basement might be a neglected area, an alarm might not be heard, in this case, you will need a smart device like this one that is capable of sending you a notification to your phone in case of smoke or CO detection.

What’s even better is that Nest Protect is a voice alarm and not a traditional loud beep that can be shocking for the mind and damaging to the ears.

It wouldn’t create a disturbance for the neighborhood either in case of a false alarm. Upon detecting smoke, the voice alarm is activated and a notification is sent to your smart device.

This helps a great deal in keeping your calm while handling the situation. In case you are using multiple alarms, you can sync all of them together with Nest Protect.

When one of your alarm goes off, it’ll trigger the rest of them to help you locate the threat immediately.

The Nest Protect gen 2 is available both as a battery-operated and as a wired one.


With the conspicuous benefits mentioned above, there is hardly anything to be mentioned against the Nest Protect fire alarm system.

The only downside to a myriad of features that you are getting to relish is a higher price tag.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

For a single smoke alarm, you are going to have to spare at least $100. Therefore, if you are looking forward to installing multiple of these alarms in your house, you are going to have to keep a reasonably larger budget as compared to a few of the other options that you can find in the market.

I added a link below to a related article that I have recently written where you can find more information on the topic and also other great smoke/CO detectors with a much cheaper price tags.

Considering the benefits and the range of features that it has to offer, however, you can take it as an investment rather than an expenditure.


A small fire can overtake a home within a matter of minutes. The fire alarm system, therefore, It’s important to have multiple smoke alarms placed throughout your home. Your life is very important and it is essential to take care of your assets. In order to avoid hassle and chaos in life just opt for the best fire alarm system and prevent yourself from danger.
When it comes to a smoke detector/fire alarm for a basement than a device like the Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Wired Alarm is my best choice since it has dual smoke sensors, CO detector(CO is a known problem in basements), and abilities to send a notification to your phone(great value in basement since an alarm might be hard to be heard).

If you want to know more about smoke and CO detectors for your entire home and not just for the basement than here is a related article that you must read.

You will find there great detectors that you can use at your home that are much cheaper than the one in this article.
You will also get much more information regarding CO and its dangers and where in your house you should install smoke and CO alarms.

These detectors are also can be used in a basement so in case you find the Nest Protect 2nd as a bit expensive than you can definitely find great cheaper options there.

I hope that this article has helped you with finding the best Fire Alarm/Smoke and CO detector for the basement.

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, we will love to see them in the comments below.

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