What Is A Paracord Survival Bracelet Used For? Best Wearable Survival Gear

You must know what is a paracord survival bracelet used for as They are considered as the best wearable survival gear.

Whether you are a survivalist or a lover of the open world that travels regularly in the wild, there are many things you need in order to survive in the wild. What you put in the backpack can make all the difference in your outdoor survival. One of the necessary elements you must have is a survival bracelet. They can be simple in design, but do not be fooled because these bracelets can be of great help in the life and death situation. There are some outstanding survival bracelets that you can select from in the market today.

What Is A Paracord Survival Bracelet Used For And How To Choose One?

While many individuals make their personal Paracord survival bracelets, but contrary to this, not everyone possesses the skills to make theirs. That means you need to look around and purchase one. There are several things you need to put into consideration before buying a survival bracelet, examples of those things are listed below:


Firstly, what purpose does the bracelet serve? This is an important question to ask yourself before choosing one. Do you expect intensive use? If so, then you must absolutely choose a solid quality bracelet. It has to do much more than just look great. In addition, many survival wristbands come with other survival items, examples of which include fire starters, a compass, and so on. Find out the survival bracelet that has the things you need on your outdoor trip.


You can select many types of colors, braid patterns, and clasp options. But put this in the back of your mind, this bracelet can be the equipment that saves your life in the desert, so do not pick one simply because it looks great. But if you are a woman, you should be able to find a pink on the off chance that it is still a paracord bracelet.


Different types of survival bracelets are made of 550 pounds of parachute cord – which remains the perfect rope to use in these bracelets. This rope is amazingly strong and is the best choice for a lot of outdoor adventurers, including parachuters and skydivers. It will also be more effective when faced with a real emergency situation.

  1. Length: It is very crucial to remember that survival bracelets made of thin braids, in some cases, have not enough material to be used when you find yourself in an emergency situation. That means you have to be sure to select a bracelet that has a wide braid – at least you should get 7 feet of rope from the bracelet you choose. This is very important when you are in an awkward situation.
  2. Attached Clasp: This is another important aspect to consider when choosing a survival bracelet. You will find numerous clasps that also serve as firefighters, while others can come with a clasp made of a metal ring acting as an assailant and the other part of an iron rod.


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1. The military bracelet with Firestarter

This is one of the best survival bracelets that come with Firestarter and also it is a smooth wrist accessory accompanied with 10 feet of 500 lb tensile strength green paracord. In any case, this also comes with other items like a small compass, survival whistle, emergency knife, a stainless steel fire scraper, and starter launcher. This survival bracelet is a survival add-on for five in one, yet at the same time looks inconspicuous.

2. Leatherman tread bracelet – the best wearable survival gear

What Is A Paracord Survival Bracelet Used For, Leatherman tread bracelet
Leatherman tread bracelet You can buy here on Amazon

Different from most other survival bracelets, this does not make use of paracord but we just had to add it to this list. What this make use of is the stainless steel “tread” pieces; you can adjust to fit the bracelet perfectly. This is not the only difference this model provides. Also, unlike other bracelets, this is a mechanical tool for your wrist.

Although this bracelet is not ideal for survival in the wild, it is a reliable addition to urban survival. If you drive on a 4-wheel or dirt bike or you need to repair a radio, this kind of survival bracelet is the best option.
This awesome bracelet can be added with additional links and even a watch adapter.
And it looks very cool too and can serve as a great gift.

3. Survival Bracelet with Firestarter

In case you need an “all-in-one” bracelet that packs tons of survival equipment in the wrist equipment – this is the option for you. There are not many things left out of this survival package.

These are just some of the many resources of this bracelet with fire starter. If you find yourself lost in nature, there is no better bracelet that you must have – because it has it all!

4. TITAN Paracord Survival Bracelet

While the rest of the bracelet is here with more tools, it is the most basic thing to make a list. Paracord is so versatile and has so much use to survive; it’s more than one tool in itself. The TITAN paracord bracelet is made of stainless steel buckle. A secure clasp that can support up to 1,650 static pounds of weight.

5. Free Patriot Paracord Bracelet

It has 10 feet of high strength 550 paracords, as well as a built-in survival whistle and a reflective signaling plate.

6. Gearproz Hydro Flask Paracord Handle

That is a really cool Paracord which serves as a wide mouth bottle handle.

not exactly a bracelet but I felt that I must add it to this list


What Is A Paracord Survival Bracelet Used For?

  1. Secure the tents: Paracord can be used to connect a survival tent or tarpaulins to the ground or heavy objects. It can also be used to drape tarps over, to make an improvised shelter when needed.
  2. It can be used to make a tourniquet: In case you need a tourniquet, you will never have much time to buy. That is why it is useful to have a paracord, which you can wrap and turn into a tourniquet.
  3. Securing a splint to a broken limb: There are so many things that can be used to make splints: tree branches, ski poles, trekking poles, and so on. But joining the limbs on a broken body can often be difficult. This is where paracord is practical.
  4. The small boats to the dock: In case you have a kayak, canoe, raft, paddle-board or any other kind of small flotation device, paracord is the best way to go. This will prevent your boat from floating and blocking you.
  5. Sewing: Inner fine wires of the paracord can be removed in other to make a strong sewing thread. This thread can be used to repair torn clothes or used to stitch together deep lacerations in the fingers.
  6. Tying People Up: Paracord is great to hang hands and feet together in case there is a need to neutralize any threat.
  7. Make snowshoes: Making of snowshoes requires more than 10 feet of paracord. But if you have enough, you can make a few snowflakes to easily move in the deep snow.
  8. Shoelaces: If your lace was broken, it can be fixed with a length of paracord attached to your wrist.
  9. It can be used to make a raft: If you are jammed on the island and you need to search several logs together, you will be happy you get a paracord. Not only will it keep the logs but will also provide a lot of durability and flexibility for the raft.
  10. Make a spear: Get a sharp stone or piece of metal or survival knife and use a paracord to attach it to the end of the long stick. The spear can be used for self-defense and hunting.

In conclusion

We hope that this article helped you understand what is a paracord survival bracelet used for and what is a survival bracelet usage.

while looking very cool they can also provide you with a lot of help needed in an emergency situation.
If you have any comments or additional Survival bracelets for this list we will be happy to read your comment below.

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