Best Survival Knife with a Hollow Handle and a Compass, Top 7 In 2022!

Knives are our passion, here we will discuss the best survival knife with a hollow handle that also includes a compass, what can be cooler than that?!

Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 – The Collest knife in our list

There are many important moments in life that I can not remember details about. Still, I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing, and how I felt when I got my first survival knife 20 years ago.

It was a “Rambo” knife with a hollow handle that contained a small fishing kit and accessories.

Whenever you are packing your bag for any adventure, one of the first things that come in mind is a survival knife.
Survival knives are extremely important and necessary, if you ever find yourself in any life-threatening situation, there are a number of ways in which a survival knife can be used.

It can be used to cut wood for the fire, threaten away animals, for making fire, for clearing out way etc.
A hollow handle knife is a type of survival knife that comes with added benefits, as the name suggests the handle of this knife is hollow.

This hollow handle gives you a little space in which you can keep important things that are vital for survival.
We have discussed in detail what should be kept in this hollow and what should not be kept, we have also suggested some of the best hollow handle survival knives in this article and they all come with a compass too.

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Best Survival Knife with Hollow Handle and a Compass – Guidlines and Suggestions

Things you should keep in the hollow handle’s container:


If you are required to have medicine for any type of ailment, this might be one of the best places to place those pills. This is also a great place if you want to store allergy or pain medication in case of an emergency

Fire making tools:

Fire is one of the most important things when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. If you want to make sure that you have a fire in case of an emergency than space can be used to carry Spark-It and waxed fire starter. You can also carry some jute twine to help you in igniting the fire.

Dental floss and glover’s needle:

This is for the extreme cases in which you might get injured. you can use these to suture any wound as well as repairing clothes and other important equipment

Things you should not add in the hollow space:

Waterproof Matches:

 It’s better not to trust matches as a reliable source of fire making. First, you can carry only a finite number of matches and moreover, they deteriorate with time. Second, since they are being carried in a knife handle, they won’t be able to withstand any kind of shocks.

Water Purification Tablets:

 It’s better to put the water purification tablets in some other container because unless they are packed in a proper manner, they are going to get deteriorated and turn into powder due to all the movement.

Survival Instructions:

Keeping a survival booklet won’t ever help. It’s important to learn beforehand the skills necessary for your survival. Knowledge is the most crucial factor of your survival kit!

Important note: having a hollow handle with a compass is also a disadvantage because of the possibility that the hollow handle will break and the compass will quickly lose accuracy after you use the knife on a hard tree trunk.

In addition, If you lose the knife, you also lose your survival kit – you’d better hold the survival kit in a separate pocket in your belt or in a sealed leather cover or just have 2 of them.

Suggestions For Survival Knives With Hollow Handles

Best 7 For The Price!

These 7 knives will give you the best value for the money.

1. Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife with Survival Gear, Silver

Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife with Survival Gear, Silver

The Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife is a dream knife for just about anybody. It’s all dressed in Silver, screaming to do “business”. Just call it a super-strong blade that holds no surprises or setbacks made from the best quality stainless steel, this knife will be best suited for a rather dangerous adventure.

It also comes with a Compass which looks quite cheap, to be honest, but the quality of the knife itself is amazing and for its super cheap price it is one of the best bargains that you can find.

You can check it here on Amazon

  • Measures 12 inches from head to toe
  • The blade is about 6 inches
  • Special pocket on sheath containing a blade sharpening stone
  • Hidden hollow handle with a compass

2. USA Defenders Military Survival Knife

USA Defenders Military Survival Knife

The ultimate survival knife ever made is always going to be USA Defenders Survival Knife. It comes with a heavy jagged saw back ridge design, drilled guard for strapping and spear applications, featured with a quality handle for grip. It also includes a mini survival kit holding matches, fishing line, striking paper a hook and last but not the least, a compact compass in case you lose your way.

You can check it out here on Amazon.

The knife measures 14″ with 9” Blade.

  • High-Quality Heavy, rugged saw back blade design
  • Razor-sharp Black stainless-steel blade
  • High-quality durable handle featuring a built-in compass and a Survival kit
  • Industry Best Double Teeth Blade
  • Includes High-Quality Sheath

3. ASR Outdoor Fishing Fillet Knife Hard Sheath and Floating Handle

ASR Outdoor Fishing Fillet Knife Hard Sheath and Floating Handle, 6 inch Blade

If you want to be prepared for any kind of situation outdoors, keeping an ASR Hollow Handle Survival Knife with you would be the smarter choice.

By getting the ASR Outdoor Survival Knife, you will be adding value to your camping gear or bug out bag. The blade measures about 6″ long, and overall length of the knife is 8.5″. Inside the handle, you’ll find basic elements of a survival kit. It comes with a compass and a small container holding 3 matches, fishing hooks, some fishing line, needles, and a flint. You’ll never get caught in an emergency if you have this blade with you!

You can view it here on Amazon

  • Overall Length: 8.5″; Blade Length: 6″
  • Hollow Handle with a Small Container holding Emergency Tools
  • Sturdy Nylon Sheath for safe keeping
  • Made of Stainless Steel

4. Cold Steel Survival Edge Black, 80PHZ

Cold Steel Survival Edge Black, 80PHZ

Cold Steel decided to answer their customers’ request and produce a survival knife with a hollow handle at a relatively low price.

The big challenge in making such a knife is that the knife will be strong and especially the connection between the handle and the blade.

Years of experience in plastic compounds and their casting have given Cold Steel the advantage.

The knife blade is made of stainless steel 4116 and is designed in the form of a mild point clip that fits a wide range of survival tasks.

The handle of the knife is made of the highest rated polypropylene that can be found.

A double finger protector is placed on the inner end for maximum safety.
The handle is combined with silicon rings that increase the grip even when working in a wet environment and/or with wet hands.

At the outer end of the handle there is a water proof cover to close the storage space.

The knife comes with a high-quality Secure-Ex sheath that can be carried in a variety of ways, including on the neck.

The sheath is combined with a Firestone that with a shave on the back of the blade ignites a fire without a problem.

Check it out here on Amazon.

  • Overall Length – 23.7 cm
  • Blade length – 12.7 cm
  • Type of steel – German 4116 Stainless
  • Handle material – POLYPROPYLENE
  • Blade configuration – CLIP POINT
  • Weight – 85.04 grams
  • Including -Firestone, Sheath Secure-Ex®, Storage compartment
  • Unique features – Improved grip, lifetime warranty, adapted to work in a wet environment

5. Black Ultimate Survivor Knife with Compass :

Black Ultimate Survivor Knife with Compass

Ultimate Survivor knife has many features designed for your convenience in the woods. The blade is of stainless steel and is very sharp. It has dual edges and a rubber handle for easy grip. Moreover, it has a compass fitted in the handle with a nylon sheath. It is a durable and handy knife to help in your survival in the woods.

Features :

  • It is 15 inch in length.
  • Ultimate Survivor Knife has a rubber handle which helps in the grip.
  • The razor blade, made of stainless steel, is of high quality.
  • It comes in a sheath to enable you to put it in your belt.
  • You can return the knife if you are not satisfied with it. You will get a refund which is super cool.

Ultimate Survivor Knife is a compass fitted knife which can be used for all the purposes in the wild. Carving, cutting branches, and skinning animals, all these tasks can be done through this awesome knife.

Check it out on Amazon

6. HFT Blade Survival Knife with built-in compass :

HFT Blade Survival Knife with built-in compass

It is an 8-inch multipurpose knife which can be used for both hunting and survival purposes. This amazingly featured knife has survival kit equipment stored in the handle for you. You can add more things in the storage compartment for your use. It even has a sheath to help you carry around the knife easily. It is a lightweight survival knife to carry with you while in the woods.

Features :

  • The large storage compartment with the survival equipment is a big plus for any knife.
  • The blade is sharp and sturdy in use. You can carry out your tasks quite easily.
  • Built-in compass in the handle for your use is present.

This survival knife has multiple features for your wild adventures to be carried out easily. The equipment that comes along with it as well as the sharp blade is a blessing for the wild lovers. We absolutely know how much you like to stay in the woods. So, this knife is going to help you out throughout your journey in the woods.

View on Amazon.

The Collest One

This knife is much pricier than the first 3 on this list but it is the coolest one that you will find!

7. Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Survival Knife 15.38-Inch Overall

Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Survival Knife 15.38-Inch Overall

Which of us would not want a knife like Rambo’s? This knife looks exactly the one in the Rambo first blood II movie(my favorite one of the series).

It does not only look great, but it is also a very high-quality knife, strong with a decent sharp edge.
The handle is wrapped with a cord that might be very useful for survival and it also has a small compass on its bottom.
The survival kit inside the hollow handle includes fishing line, a hook, sinkers and more.

This knife will cost more than the other awosome cheap options above, I found this knife as best to buy on Amazon.
Check it out here.

The knife measures 15.38 inch overall

  • 9″ blade and a cord-wrapped handle
  • Small compass on the handle’s bottom
  • Hollow handle with survival tools
  • Cool sheath with a leg tie


A survival knife is a knife used for survival purposes in the woods. If you are a soul who likes to stay in the woods, then survival knives can be your perfect companion. It helps to carve and cut the wood. The material of the handle of the survival knife varies which includes rubber and metal. You can customize the handle according to your desire. Some survival knives have a hollow handle which can be used to fit some equipment like a compass or flashlight. Compass helps to direct you the direction in the woods so that you won’t get lost.

Survival knives are an excellent companion in the woods. They can even serve for self-defense and hunting purposes. But while buying one for yourself, you should keep some important things in mind.

  • Material of the handle: You should choose a decent material as the handle of your knife. It helps to grip your knife easily. You can choose rubber, wood, and metal as the handle material.
  • Strong tip: If you want to use your survival knife for self-defense, you should choose a strong tip for your knife.
  • Hole: The hole in your knife handle can be used to transform it into a spear. If you would encounter a dangerous thing in the wild then make sure it has holes.

Nowadays, there are many survival knives with different features available around you. But you need to know which one will be best for you. Since we think that survival knives are incomplete without a compass because a compass comes handy in the woods. We have listed above 7 of our best choices on survival knives to help you make the decision.

We hope that we helped you to find the best survival knife with hollow handle and a compass.
If you have any other suggestions or comments, please share them with us in the comments section here below!

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