Survival Knives With Firestarter

Best 5 Survival Knives With Firestarter | Anyone Can Light A Fire

There is no doubt in the fact that having a knife buckled to your belt or hanging from your pocket makes for a pretty cool and intimidating picture. But the utility of survival knives goes far beyond simple aesthetics.

A good survival knife is a gadget that will ensure you come out on top in case you end up facing an emergency situation when out in the wild.

Survival Knives Firestarter

You never know what kind of unexpected dangers you can come across when doing an outdoor activity like camping or hiking, which is why it is best to have some emergency tools on your person at all times. In this article, we will be browsing through some of the best survival knives with firestarter.

Best 5 Survival Knives With Firestarter

When it comes to surviving a night or two out in the woods, there are some essentials that you will certainly have to arrange for to make sure that you make it through without causing damage to yourself. One of these is a fire.

It tends to get extremely cold out in the open, especially when night time falls and not many individuals are too keen on the idea of spending several hours completely engulfed in the pitch-black darkness of the outside world.

These are only a few reasons why you need to have some fire starting and building skills as they are a basic necessity for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

You will also need a fire to arrange for proper sustenance for yourself and your loved ones, especially if you are planning on hunting or fishing for food.

The Importance Of Having Firestarter

Firestarter knife

Unfortunately, starting a fire from scratch is no simple task and even the masters tend to fail on occasion. Not to mention the task becomes exponentially more difficult if you are facing adverse environmental conditions like rain, snow, or a storm.

It is not wise to expose yourself to danger like this when there is a high risk that things may go wrong. That is why a good idea is to always carry some firestarter with you.

A firestarter is basically any substance or material that can be used to initiate a spark and start a small fire in external conditions.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a particular firestarter, as you can opt for natural substances like fatwood sticks and wood shavings, or you can go the more advanced route with lighter cubes, magnesium flint, or steel firestarter tools.

Regardless, the good thing about firestarters is that they are pretty small tools and items, meaning you can store them easily on your person.

Firestarter On Your Knife

Karambit Hunting Knife
  • Crappy sheath
  • The blade’s sorta thin in thickness
  • The inner edge is sharp
Morakniv Companion Spark FT 02392
  • Fixed blade and fire starter
  • 3.9 inches blade, 0.09 inches thickness, 9.4 inches total length
  • Color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip
HX Outdoors Survival Knife
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Great for outdoor survival or services
  • 9.25 inches total length, 3.9 inches blade length and 4mm blade thickness
StatGear Bowie Survival Knife
  • Stainless steel full tang knife
  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Fire starter and cord cutter
Gerber Serrated Edge Survival Knife
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • Comfortable textured Rubber Grip
  • Lightweight

The goal is to make sure that your firestarter remains protected from environmental elements like water and moisture, and is ready to use at any given time. That is why you will find a selection of survival knives that comes with built in firestarters or compartments for you to safely stow away your fire starting material. It is also convenient in the sense that you no longer have to worry about carrying two things- your necessities have been packaged into one tool that can be conveniently hooked onto your belt or pocket loop.

1. Karambit Hunting Knife

Available for purchase on Amazon, the Karambit Hunting and Survival Knife is a small knife that can almost fit in your pocket for convenient carrying purposes. Despite the small size, the tool does not compromise on the quality or number of its features, chock full of supplementary elements and accessories that are designed to make your outdoor adventures that much easier.

The Karambit Survival Knife comes with a spring assisted firestarter, enclosed in a compact case which can be detached from the handle of the knife and opened to reveal the fire starting rod that works in any and all given conditions. The built in firestarter fits in well enough with the black nylon fiber handle and does not interfere with your grip either.

The blade of the knife is, as expected, super sharp and sturdy, ensuring comfort when you use it along with efficiency and efficacy. It is 2.75 inches of stainless steel that is strong and durable enough for the toughest of tasks.

2. Morakniv Companion Spark FT 02392

If you are looking to invest in a survival knife that is known for its fire starting capabilities, then the Morakniv Spark FT 02392 is the perfect companion for your travels. An incredibly versatile and multi purpose outdoors survival gadget, this Morakniv knife offers much more than just its high quality, anti corrosion, stainless steel plain edge blade.

Attached to the body of the knife’s handle is a fire starting tool. You can detach the tool from the rubber grip handle easily and then use the magnesium alloy material to produce the spark you need for your roaring campfire. The great thing about this particular fire starting tool is that it produces a high intensity 5400 degree Farenheit spark, and continues to do so without fail for up to 3000 strikes!

Not to mention the magnesium alloy can be used just as effectively when its wet as it can be when it is dry, meaning you do not have to fret too much about keeping it safe and away from moisture at all times. Once you are done, you can replace it in the handle by twisting it back in its place.

3. HX Outdoors Survival Knife

This is a fixed blade hunting knife that has most of your needs covered when it comes to surviving against nature and wildlife. The 3.4 inch long blade comes in a matte black finish and is designed to resist abrasion, corrosion, and other forms of pressure, force, and trauma. This makes HX Outdoors Survival Knife a super durable knife, especially considering it is also full tang.

While the knife is pretty lightweight, with a total weight of only 8.8 ounces, it does not compromise on the quality of the blade or the handle. In fact, the handle is crafted from a high standard G10-material that has been shaped into an ergonomic and comfortable design that presents with a good grip. The sheath of the knife which is designed to protect it from the effects of the environment, comes with compartments for the safe stowing away of a firestarter and sharpening tool to ensure that you are always well equipped.

4. StatGear Bowie Survival Knife

While the function is undoubtedly more important, you cannot fault this survival knife for its looks. A stylish hunting knife perfect for outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and hiking, the StatGear Bowie Knife is a full tang, stainless steel survival knife with a razor sharp plain blade that is designed to handle tough workloads and activities.

The StateGear Bowie Survival Knife comes with a few extra features as well, including a firestarter that is enclosed in a sheath on the body of the handle of the knife. It can be easily dislodged and operated when you need to start a fire. The firestarter is essentially a magnesium fire rod which can be used to ignite a spark even when you do not have any matches available. You can use it against the blade of the knife to launch the initial spark and get a nice fire going. Paired with the firestarter is a cord cutter as well along with a blade sharpening stone at the bottom of the handle.

5. Gerber Serrated Edge Survival Knife

Gerber is known for its high quality knives that are renowned and revered by many professionals all across the globe. This installment is no different than the rest. This serrated edge Gerber knife is a world class survival tool equipped with a sharp 4.75 inch drop point style blade that is partially serrated, making it the ideal tool to cut ropes, cords, and other fibrous material. 

The handle of the knife has a rubber grip that is put in place to ensure your comfort without compromising on the strength or stability of your grip. You can safely stow away your knife in the accompanying nylon sheath which also comes with a firestarter. You can use the fire starting rod to quickly light up a spark in any and all kinds of weather. You also receive a diamond blade sharpener to keep your knife in optimum cutting shape.

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