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6 Best Survival Knives With Flint | Making Fire Is Easy!

While having any kind of tool or knife on you can prove to be incredibly useful out in the wild and become the sole cause for your survival, it is always ideal to be prepared with the best you can possibly offer in any given situation.

If you are going to invest in a survival knife, maximize your convenience and chances out in the wild- just in case- by looking for the best survival knives with flint.

Best 6 Survival Knives With Flint

It is important to be equipped with the right tools when you set out to engage in an outdoorsy activity because you never know where things may go south. To make sure that you are able to get yourself out of most predicaments with success, one of the most critical objects you can have on your person is a survival knife.

Good for tactical purposes as well as in combat, a survival knife can solve more than half of the problems you may face out in the open, or at least assist in their solution. But the functionality and practical application of your knife become even broader when you make the addition of flint.

One Step Farther

When it comes to surviving the wild, one of the most important skills you can learn and implement is how to start and maintain a fire. You will need fire at night to keep yourself warm, heat up or cook your food, and maybe even ward off animals and predators.

Unfortunately, starting a fire from scratch using only rocks and natural material is not nearly as simple or easy as movies and TV shows make it seem. That is why it is always a good idea to have some fire starters on hand in situations like this.

The ideal survival knife would have a compartment for you to store your fire starting material like flint so that you do not have to worry about storing it someplace safe and accessible. These kinds of knives typically have a hollow handle which you can use or storage purposes. All you would need to do is have your survival knife on your person and you will be good to go for most situations.

Mossy Oak Survival Knife
  • 15 inch length, 10 inch blade and 3.8 mm thickness
  • Razor sharp blade
  • Compfortable rubber handle
Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife
  • 12.7 inch length, 7.5 inch blade
  • Blade is made by SAE-1070 Carbon Steel
  • Compfortable use
ASR Outdoor Survival Knife
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 61cUCj2VzxL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
  • 9 inch length, 4.59 inch blade and 3.5 mm thickness
  • Tanto blade shape
  • Black stainless steel blade
ESEE Laser Strike
  • 10 inch length, 4.75 inch blade
  • Micarta material used for handle
  • Kydex sheath
Cold Steel Survival Edge
  • 9.1 inch length, 5 inch blade and 2.5 mm thickness
  • German stainless steel
  • Drop Point Blade style
SE Survival Knife
  • 8 inch length, 4-3/4 inch blade and 3 mm thickness
  • Includes compass
  • Storage compartment contains survival kit

We have browsed through the internet and compiled a list of the best survival knives with flint. Read ahead to determine which tool works best for you:

1. Mossy Oak Survival Knife

Mossy Oak is another name that is well renowned and revered in the world of outdoor survival gear. Their Bowie survival knife is equipped with a more than capable 15 inch hard steel blade that is sharpened on one edge, serrated on the other, with a slanted edge to give you more precision. The black epoxy coating gives it a dark, matte finish that makes it appear as cool as it is resistant to wear and consistent usage.

The knife is supplemented with flint to enable you to start up a fir with ease whenever required. Other than that, the knife itself is a good fit if you are looking for a relatively larger size that is still easy to grip and maneuver.

2. Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife

The Extreme Survival Knife by Schrade is a high-quality knife that can be acquired for a decent price, especially considering its added benefits thanks to the hollow, magnetic handle. The handle of the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife knife is designed to house a concealed compartment that can be used to easily store adequate amounts of flint, matches, or other small objects that you may need on the go. The compartment is closed with a screw-down cap.

The handle itself is 5.2 inches long in total and the knurling pattern on the surface helps to improve your grip on the tool. The blade of the knife, on the other hand, is equally as handy. 7.5 inches long, the high carbon steel is extremely durable and weather resistant, partially serrated towards the base.

3. ASR Outdoor Survival Knife

The ASR Outdoor Survival Knife packs something of a punch because it covers every aspect that it possibly can, maximizing the functionality that you can extract from a simple survival knife. This survival knife has a total length of 8.5 inches out of which 4.5 inches constitute the blade. The stainless steel blade has a black, matte finish and is designed to resist damage from harsh environmental conditions as well as regular usage.

This means you can use this blade for tough work such as prying, scraping, shaving, and so forth. The bottom half of the knife blade is serrated.

The stand out feature of this knife, however, is the hollow handle which has the capacity to house a number of useful items and accessories that will aid you in your outdoor activities. Once you unscrew the bottom part of the handle, you will be able to extract certain emergency tools including a compass, fishing hooks, a fishing line, needles, 3 matches, and a flint. This way, you can arrange for food as well as start a fire in a few minutes with ease in case of an emergency.

You can also choose to remove these items and equip the hollow compartment of the ASR Outdoor Survival Knife with emergency tools of your own choice, or simply load up on flint if fire starting is your primary concern.

4. ESEE Laser Strike

With a razor sharp 4.75 inches long blade, the ESEE-BRK Laser Strike survival knife is a force to be reckoned with. Able to handle high workloads and tough tasks, the high carbon steel has a high withstanding capacity to support its anti corrosion and anti weathering features.

The handle of the ESEE Laser Strike allows you to store and subsequently use some ferrocerium flint along with tinder tabs for easy fire starting. It is also fixed blade and full tang, making it a thoroughly reliable and trustworthy companion for outdoor adventures.

5. Cold Steel Survival Edge

A classic knife but with a twist- the Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife follows a pretty straightforward yet extremely effective style when it comes to the blade and the handle, forgoing the fancy serrations and matte finishes for a classic, shiny stainless steel blade from Germany in a drop point style, with a sharpened and a blunt edge. The 2.5mm thick and 4.25-inch long blade ends on the hilt of the handle which is equally as long.

Again, the unique aspect of the Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife is the hollow handle, made of polypropylene in this case. The plastics used in the construction of this knife have been formulated after thorough and repeated testing to ensure that the material is tough enough to accompany you on your toughest outdoor ordeals without buckling under the pressure.

The handle also has O shaped rings around its girth to solidify your grip on the tool and facilitate your knifing experience. You can unscrew the cap located at the bottom of the knife handle to uncover the concealed storage space which can be used to store the likes of flint, blade sharpeners, fire starting stones, and other emergency tools.

6. SE Survival Knife

If you require your knife with flint for a short period of time or a one time activity, you may be hesitant to invest anywhere upwards of $50 or $100 on the tool. So this is a cheap option for you which you can get for under $10 without compromising much on the quality of the cutting or the presence of the flint. The SE Survival Knife is a rather small knife which covers a number of different essentials for outdoor activities.

Not only is the 1.75 inch long, stainless steel blade full tang and extremely sharp, but the handle is wrapped with a useful paracord as well. The package also comes with a magnesium alloy fire starter for quick deployment. You can hang the knife on your person with the pommel lanyard provided with the sheath and strap of the knife cover.

Once you have selected your favorite survival knife with flint, you can go even farther and see what else you can store in your knife if it does have a hollow compartment. You can read more about some ideas and expert suggestions right here.

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