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Best 5 Survival Knives With Saw | I Got Your Back With A Sawback

Survival knives are something of a staple when it comes to the gear of anyone who enjoys partaking in outdoor activities frequently.

Most individuals try to find unique survival knives with special features that further facilitate their experience with the given tool.

There are a number of different elements and features that can be incorporated into a given survival knife to make it stand out as unique among the rest. One of these features is serrations.

Also known as sawback knives, we will be looking at some of the best survival knives with saws in this guide.

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Best Survival Knives With Saw

If you have taken the opportunity to browse through a few different brands and kinds of survival knives, you may have discovered that there is a lot of variety, not only in terms of aesthetic style, but also in terms of blade design and features.

One of the most commonly found features on the knife blade that tend to stand out are little sawtooth ridges, typically on either one edge of the blade or partially covering the sharper edge. These closely resemble the ridges that you would typically find on the edge of a saw tool, which is why such knives are sometimes referred to as survival knives with saw or sawback survival knives.

Why Would You Need A Serrated Knife Back?

ka-bar knife

You may find yourself wondering exactly what purpose do these sawtooth ridges serve? Many people believe that they are just for show, and there is no denying that they certainly add to the intimidation factor. The sharp edges and teeth like processes look like they would bite and may be effective in deterring threats just by visual. But they actually serve a functional purpose as well.

As an outdoorsy type of person, you may be well aware of just how much cutting, slashing, and tying goes into ensuring survival out in the wild. Whether you are trying to build a shelter, moving objects from one place to the other, arranging for sustenance, or simply trekking the terrain.

While the plain edge of the knife works extremely well to cut through most things, you will find that using the serrated edge to cut through fibrous material like paracords, cords, and ropes works slightly better.

This is because the indents get caught in the material, holding on to the rough surface to give you a better grip and control of the cutting movements. You can even use the saw tooth part to cut through thin metal sheets and similar surfaces. You can read more about survival knives with saw backs here.

Sawback Survival Knives To Get

Chirs Reeve’s Aviator A2
  • Heavy steel blade
  • 5.5″ blade length and 10.875″ total length
  • 4.75″ cutting Edge
Ruko G-216AR Knife
  • Nice compass cap handle
  • Leather sheath
  • Fish hooks and wire saw
Tool Logic SLP2 SLPro
  • 3″ serrated blade
  • White LED flashlight
  • Emergency signal whistle
KA-BAR Survival Knife
  • High quality
  • 7″ blade length
  • Leather handled
Gerber LMF II
  • MOLLE compatible knife
  • Built-in blade sharpener inlcuded
  • Awesome design

Ow that you know the functionality you can extract from a good sawback knife, we have compiled a list of the best survival knives with saws to get for your adventures:

1. Chirs Reeve’s Aviator A2

The Aviator A2 by Chirs Reeve is a classic saw back survival knife that is simply a pleasure to use in practical scenarios. Designed with expert precision in a style that is scientifically approved to be extremely balanced and optimum for functioning, the blade of the Aviator A2 knife is crafted using a stainless steel material that is hardened at 55-57 RC to give it its sturdiness, strength, and razor-sharp edge. It is also coated with a hi-tech KG Gun Kotea which gives it that professional, dark, matte finish.

The coating extends the life of the tool. One side of the double edged blade is straight, while the other has relatively small sized, but incredibly sharp saw teeth. The tip of the knife ends in a slanted, sharp point which can be used for precision cutting and prying.

The handle of the knife is hollow, which means that it can be used to store supplementary accessories including but not limited to a compass, fishing hooks, fishing line, matches, flint or another firestarter, and a sharpening stone. The compartment can be accessed by turning the pommel of the A2 knife until it pops open. The handle itself is knurled to give the user a better grip on the knife.

2. Ruko G-216AR Knife

Ruko has a wide collection of survival knives with saw backs as well as partial serrations on the sharp edge. One of the best among these is the Ruko G-216AR Survival Knife. The stainless steel knife is available in a full silver edition which looks uber cool as it is extracted from its black, leather sheath, but beyond that, it is simply a super effective knife.

The 9 inch blade is full tang and has two edges, one with a slanted sharp side and the other with thick saw tooth indentations. The handle has O shaped marketing to give you good grip and control over the knife while the tool is also supplemented with a host of additional accessories including a compass cap at the bottom of the handle, some matches, a sharpening stone for the blade, and some fish hooks.

3. Tool Logic SLP2 SLPro

If you are into foldable knives, then the SLP2 SLPro by Tool Logic is a great option for a saw blade. It is a rather small sized knife, with a blade that is only 3 inches long. Over half of it does, however, bear serrated margins. The blade also has a notch on the blunt end to enable you to easily pop the knife open in a time of need.

Not only that, but this Tool Logic knife has a number of additional features to boast. To begin with, you can detach a fire starting tool from the side of the foldable knife’s handle- a magnesium alloy rod which can be struck with the blade of the knife to produce a sark.

It also comes with a super loud emergency whistle to notify surrounding individuals in case of danger as well as a built-in bright LED flashlight for the night time that is waterproof when immersed in shallow levels.

4. KA-BAR Survival Knife

KA-BAR is one of the most respected names when it comes to survival knives and for good reason- they can be trusted to produce and deliver some top of the line survival knives that get the job done as best as possible. When it comes to the KA-BAR survival knives, they are available for purchase in non serrated as well as serrated forms.

The saw version of the KA-BAR knife is a great choice for almost any kind of outdoor activity as it is sturdy, reliable, and extremely effective. It is a tool you can truly depend on in the toughest situations.

The 7 inch long blade has a straight edge with a pointed tip and around 1.75 inches of saw tooth indentations near the base of the blade where it melds in with the hilt of the handle. The blade is crafted from a highly resistant Cro-Van material that looks and works great.

The full tang fixed blade retains its strength and allows you to perform all sorts of cutting, chopping, and shaving actions without worrying about the integrity or state of the knife.

5. Gerber LMF II

The Gerber LMF II is a versatile solution that proves to be a great reward for a relatively low price. This survival knife with a saw edge works great to cut a variety of tough, fibrous material, as well as for slashing through wildlife and game.

The 4.84 inches long drop point blade is crafted out of 420HC stainless steel, with partial serrations running down the sharp edge of the blade.

The rest of the knife is just as remarkable as the striking blade. The full tang knife has a typical appearing handle but it is embellished with a buttercup at the pommel. This buttercup is separated from the tang of the blade which gives it shock-absorbing and electrical insulating properties.

The important part is that the buttercup can be used as a glass breaker in case of emergencies where you need to escape a vehicle such as an overturned car or helicopter. The sharp jagged saw blade can be used to cut through material like seatbelts and cords so that you can make your way out with ease.

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