Best Survival Rain Jacket – Top 3 For The Money

My pick for the best survival rain jacket is Columbia’s Watertight II Front-Zip Hooded Rain Jacket.

I’ve gone through a lot with this jacket and it is absolutely wonderful as a jacket for hiking in very cold weather and it my first choice for a survival rain jacket.

Another 2 great jackets that will give you Great value for the money are also mentioned here in the list below.

Best survival rain jacket

Nature can be your best friend and your worst enemy, depending on what you bring to your outdoor endeavor. More often than not, a good trip around terrains and exotic spots, or even around camping sports go south because of the wrong equipment. When coming face to face with the outdoors, it best to go prepared. And naturally, your choice in survival rain jacket will make all the difference. The need for a survival jacket when exploring the outdoors is second to none. As most of us fall prey to packing the essentials such as food supplies and hunting gear, we often neglect self-protection. Fortunately, survival rain jackets are a luxury which can be our best friends. The need for the right equipment is not without reason. With the long history of events proving protection comes first, a survival rain jacket will act as your ultimate shield.

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Best Survival Rain Jacket

The Rain Jacket is the fourth and last layer according to the “Layers Method”. Its function is to protect us from water intrusion (rain or snow) and wind.

The wide variety of rain Jackets is designed to meet the variety of activities we do in different wet environments, from city tours to mountain climbing.

Hikers, cyclists, climbers, and others perform strenuous activities under conditions of cold, rain and wind.

Therefore, the rain Jacket must be waterproof and windproof but also to have evaporation capabilities.

The fabric and the various membranes are built so that the water can not pass through them, but the sweat vapor evaporates freely through them.

The most well-known Membrane was developed and manufactured by Gore and is called Gore-Tex. This is a high-quality membrane and many companies such as The North Face, Marmot, Columbia, Salewa, Lowe Alpine, use it in their raincoats and Jackets.

Expectations from The Product

A little investment goes a long way. For the case of survival rain jacket, protection is a priority. And it goes without saying this protection isn’t limited to stormy weathers and insects along. A survival rain jacket will keep you secure from your external environment, including low-temperature drops and more. With the importance of owning this fine piece of fabric being highlighted, the next area of concern is what to expect from a survival rain jacket.

Here’s what you should expect:

High-Quality material is a priority when it comes to selecting a survival rain jacket which has all the potential to keep you safe. The finer the material or rather the composition of the jacket, the higher the probability of keeping you safe and secure in harsh weathers, and even circumstances.

Waterproofing is an essential feature of any rain jacket. While the common notion of a rain jacket being waterproof comes as a shock to none. The real importance lies in the waterproof rating. A rating of 5,000mm to 10,000mm is best feasible for a survival rain jacket.

Breathability is the next characteristic you should expect from your survival rain jacket. If the jacket restricts perspiration, it will do you more harm than good on your outdoor trips, this is why I will always prefer a softshell Jacket. Similarly, pockets and comfort are a given characteristic. Without which, your survival rain jacket would be incomplete.

To read more about proper clothing for cold wether, the difrences between a softshell and hardshell, the layering method and more please refer to our long informative article on this subject.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Prize of Best Survival Rain Jacket

1. Columbia Watertight II Front-Zip Hooded Rain Jacket for men and women

Like I have mentioned this Jacket is my all time favorite.
As a hiker, I traveled a lot in cold rainy environments and this Jacket allowed me to do it with ease and style.

I especially love how light it is and breathable it is, it was my best companion in my long cold hikes and it has everything that you will need from a survival rain Jacket.

Technical rain Jacket, waterproof and windproof, breathing and dehumidifying, folding into itself, two-layer, advanced exterior coating, water repellent and stains


Omni-Tech Membrane provides waterproof, breathable and moisture-proof sealing at the maximum level for full climate protection
• The waterproof and windproof fabric has the most advanced breathing and moisture removal capability in the world
• Extremely lightweight, excellent flexibility and provides full motion capability
• All seams are soldered
• Ideal for dynamic activity

A bit more on the Omni-Tech technology that Columbia are using in their Jackets.

Colombia offers fabrics with different levels of performance with coating materials and membranes tailored to suit each garment.
All Omni-Tech fabrics are also treated with a water-repellent coating (DWR). The clothing details include welded seams to prevent water infiltration from the seam.
Omni-Tech is an advanced technology for climate protection.
It includes a combination of microporous and membranous seams and other advanced materials and sewing techniques that create a complete line of clothing and footwear that keep you dry and comfortable.
This proven technology is available throughout the Columbia product line

2. Condor Outdoor Summit Softshell Jacket

This jacket has all the essentials to be the ideal travel companion. The outer most layer of the jacket is one hundred percent polyester, followed by Teflon coating making it resistant to rain.

The added benefit of this survival rain jacket is the option to add a hood or use its drawstring feature.

Moreover, to ensure that the perspiration need is well addressed, the Condor Outdoor Summit Softshell Jacket has underarm vent zipper.

This feature also comes in handy to support ventilation and when the temperature drops to freezing levels.

In addition to these features, the fabric comes in handy for being well prepared. Its copious amounts of pockets, inside and out are ideal for keeping all your belongings safe and close by in your time of need.

The division of the pockets is in the ratio of two by two. With two pockets being sewn into the jacket to keep the necessary items closer.

And two pockets being in front of the jacket to allow easy accessibility.

The price range of the Condor Outdoor Summit Softshell Jacket starts from $57 on Amazon, and is quite a bargain for its worth.

3. TACVASEN Men’s Military Tactical Fleece Jacket

This survival rain jacket is truly unique due to its ability to be robust and enduring, all while being breathable for the wearer.

The fabric of this jacket, in particular, reflects high-quality materials, in terms of being waterproof and windproof.

The perfect companion for the winter endeavors. The unique feature of this survival jacket is its sharkskin composition.

With high-quality materials being sown into the fabric for lasting durability. Hence it can endure harsh environments far better than it’s not as fortunate counterparts. What makes this product a top pick is its inner fleece lining. 

The inner fleece lining makes it enduring and acts as an extra layer to the fabric. This then improves the capability of the TACVASEN Men’s Military Tactical Fleece Jacket to keep the wearer warm and safe in low-temperature zones.

What makes the TACVASEN Men’s Military Tactical Fleece Jacket truly amazing is its price of only $43 on Amazon. A worthwhile investment.

How do you keep your rain Jacket?

When using the rain Jacket, be careful not to hit the fabric. One hole is enough and the water will find its way into it. Bits of fire, pointed branches (depending on how tough the fabric is of course), could make a hole in the rain jacket.

After use, store the rain jacket when it is dry and preferably hang on a hanger. The fabrics and membranes are resistant to washing, but over time, the more often you wash a rain jacket, the more the opaque level will worn.

Therefore, wash the Jacket as little as possible and pay attention to the laundry instructions attached.

We hope that we helped you with finding the best survival rain jacket.
If you have any comments, please feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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