Best Survival Weapons(Not Guns or Firearms) That You Must Check Out

I really hate guns and firearms and here I’ll give you Some of the Best Survival Weapons you can use which are not guns.

As much as daring people look forward to an adventure out in the wilderness, the risk of encountering unpleasant scenarios or dangerous situations is always there. Having the know-how on self-defense is crucial for a wilderness explorer, as the threat of wild animals and creepy people comes unannounced. And while some would argue that guns are the best possible option for safety, carrying one around at all times draws unnecessary attention and isn’t always feasible.

Best Survival Weapons Not Guns
Slingshot – A powerfull survival weapon

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Best Survival Weapons Which are Not Guns That You Must Consider Having(At least one of them)

This comprehensive list of weapons is here to show you some alternatives to guns, for all those who can’t get their hands on a firearm or just choose not to. And besides, should you ever find yourself in a place where firearms are not all allowed, these weapons will make sure you are well protected and secure.

1. Survival Knife

Needless to say, a knife should be on top of your must-haves list for survival out there. We are all familiar with it being a multi-purpose tool, from performing food cutting tasks, to aid in clearing paths, cutting up shrubs, and building fires and shelter.

In addition to all of that and so much more, it can be an effective weapon in times of need. Although it is heavily reliant on your instincts and fast paced you are with using it, you can still get away with a job well done. In terms of protection, it is recommended that you keep a fixed blade knife, and a folding pocket knife around at all times.

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion is an impressive fixed blade knife to have around for different purposes.

You can read in more detail on the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 in this review.

A knife Sharpener

You cannot know how much time you will spend in a survival mode, this is why you must have a knife sharpener or at least the knowledge of how to sharpen your knife.
A knife that is not sharp will not help you!

If you have not picked up a quick grinding device for the blade, any grindstone will be fine – Gray grindstone, with thin, fine grains, is the best

Quartz, although it is hard to find, is also good and you can also use granite stone.

Rub two stones together to smooth them. A two-sided stone with a rough side and a gentle side is ideal.
Carry it in the pocket of the sheath. Use the more rough side initially to remove protruding protrusions, then on the fine side to sharpen the edges.

Your goal is to keep the blade functioning over time and prevent breakage of the edge. You can use diamond sharpeners that are on the market, it is important to practice at home!

To sharpen the blade, grasp the handle with the right hand. Use circular movements clockwise and apply constant pressure on the blade with the fingers of your left hand as you push the knife forward from you.

Keep a fixed angle and keep the knife rubbed so that the tip is sharpened and not rounded. Keep a wet whetstone.

The shards of stone on the knife will show you the direction of your angle. Do not drag the knife to you while applying pressure.

Such action would produce couplings. Reduce pressure to sharpen the tip of the blade. And work counter-clockwise on the other side.

2. Trail Saver Pepper Spray for Hiking, Camping & Frontiersman

Just like any other trip away from your home, proper research about the place you’re heading towards is highly important. And if the place where your adventurous genes take you is prone to be inhabited by bears or other wild beasts, a pepper spray would come in handy to keep all unwanted surprises away. Moreover, it can act as a powerful tool for defense against any kind of attackers, since it is strong enough to hold off mighty bears with its inflammatory properties. Having such a cost-effective item has close to no cons, but just make sure you don’t have a serious case of respiratory problems. 

And if you are going on the pepper spray option than why not buying this great and cheap kit which includes besides pepper spray also a compass, Led light and a whistle.

3. Slingshot

There has to be a reason why slingshots were widely used in primitive times, and it all points towards effectiveness. However, modern slingshots take it up a notch and allow you to be stealthy during hunting, and while protecting yourself.

In fact, it is so easy to operate that you don’t even require specialized ammo in desperate times. The TruMark Trushot has proven to be a great slingshot in all aspects. Just don’t forget to pack extra replacement bands, and you’re good to go.

4. Bow and arrow

Another one of the primitive methods, the bow and arrow still prevail successfully. If you’ve got a good aim with guns, using a bow will work just as fine. However, at times when quick action is needed for protection, this weapon may not be the best choice.

5. Hatchet

A good survival kit would always include a hatchet or a tomahawk for many purposes, including protection. While being a multipurpose tool in terms of chopping up wood and what not, it can also help in carving up other weapons for defense, like a spear. Furthermore, it is convenient to carry, without the hassle of having to take a full-blown ax around.

You can read here more on the best tactical Hatchet in this review.

6. Stun Gun

Luckily, a lot of stun guns in the market do not look like a conventional firearm, so you’ll feel better keeping one if drawing unwanted attention is a concern for you. It also has non-lethal effects, so you won’t have to worry about the consequences that come with the use of traditional guns. However, the effectivity score goes down a point considering how you have to be close to your attacker for it to work, and that it won’t do much in a case where you’re surrounded by multiple attackers.

You can read more on Stun guns and self-defense weapons that are not lethal in this article here.

All in all, it is highly recommended for you to carry at least one of these super convenient weapons if you want to bid farewell to the use of guns during your epic adventures out in the wilderness.

I hope that I helped you with finding the best survival weapons which are not guns that will help you to keep you and your family safty.

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