What Do You Need To Survive In The Wilderness? 8 Most Important Tips

What Do You Need To Survive In The Wilderness? After years of experience and lots of experiences in the wilderness, we have gathered for you our top 8 Survival tips for the wilderness.

Did you decide to enjoy an adventure out in the open? Well, that’s great because spending time in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from technology, malls, and everything else that comes along with a modern lifestyle will allow you to relax and reconnect with yourself. But, you need to remember that spending time in the wilderness is not like taking a stroll on the central avenue. The weather is unpredictable and if you don’t pay attention you may stray away from your path. Also, it may take a while for help you reach you, so it is worth knowing what to do in a crisis situation, staying safe at all times until the rescue team gets to you.What Do You Need To Survive In The Wilderness, a guy in the wild

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So, What Do You Need To Survive In The Wilderness?

  • Never Go Away From Home Without Telling Someone Where You Go

It is very important to give this kind of information to someone you trust, just in case you get into trouble. Mention the location and when you expect to return so that the person who revives this information will know to alert the authorities if you don’t come back as planned.

  • Stay Calm And Positive No Matter What

Believe it or not, your mind can turn into your worst enemy, especially during a crisis. So, whatever you do, try to stay calm and maintain a positive state of mind at all times.

This will help you to think clearly and come up with a good plan that will get you out of the unpleasant situation. It is really not worth wasting all your energy on panicking and getting stressed.

  • Make Sure You Have Essential Items In Your Backpack

A knife can be a real life-saver in very many situations, helping you build a shelter, bow, and prepare food. A rope is also useful, together with something that will help you start a fire.

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Just make sure that what you take along for making a fire will resist in case of high humidity or rainy weather, as it will be a bummer to notice that your fire matches are all soft and damp, a survival bracelet with a fire starter might be very handy, you can read about survival bracelet here.

  • Clothing Suitable For The Weather:

One of the most important Survival Tips For The Wilderness before any trek is to prepare the appropriate attire. When it comes to a trek in hot places where the humidity is high and you can faint from heat, it is important to choose light and comfortable clothes that will allow you to feel the ventilation and will not choke you.

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However, it is important to keep shoes high and safe and good quality clothes that will not tear or expose you to hazards. In cold places, it is important to prepare with clothes that isolate the heat and provide you with constant heating. It is important to equip yourself in advance for the area you are traveling to.

  • Find Clean Water To Drink

Instead of worry about not having food, you should worry about not having drinkable water.

A human can go weeks without eating, but without water, you won’t resist for more than 3 days, unfortunately.

So, you need to find a stream or build something that will help you collect rainwater, from wide leaves for example.
You can read more about ways to purify water for drinking here.

  • Good Equipment For Overnight Stays:

A tent, a warm sleeping bag, a good blanket, a flashlight, a means of lighting a fire – all of these provide us with rescue on cold nights. If you go on a trek for several days it is important to prepare with enough equipment to stay in the area for the number of days.
It’s important to make sure you are equipped with everything that is necessary to get through the night safely.

When out in the wilderness, you need to use whatever you find in handy to build a shelter that will keep you safe from the elements and warm at night. It doesn’t have to be big, as long as you can sit comfortably on it.

Just make sure you put something on the ground as well, so you won’t end up sleeping on the cold ground. Also, speaking of fire, make sure to keep it burning throughout the night, as it will keep unwanted wildlife representatives at bay.

  • What’s On The Menu?

Before deciding to explore a certain area, do some research to find out more about the berries and other edible plants that grow in that area. This way, you’ll make sure that you’ll know what to eat while waiting to be rescued.

  • Satellite Phone:

One of the most important means of maintaining contact with rescue agencies. You can contact the family, signal a state of emergency, transfer your location accurately for rescue purposes, or simply announce that everything is fine.

A satellite phone that can be rented at a relatively low cost can save your life, The satellite phone is the best means of communication in case of distress.

This is because it does not depend on your mobile phone network or Internet connection. It records your distress signal or message in any situation and provides a point of reference on the ground, so you can be found even when you are lost in a difficult place.

  • Fire

Fire is one of the basic actions that must be taken in an emergency situation, whether we are lost in the field or a disaster occurred during the trip.

Without fire, it will be very difficult for you to survive the difficult terrain.
Therefore, acquiring this skill is one of the first skills I recommend to you.

Here are some of the significant things you can do with fire in emergencies and life-threatening situations.


Without a light source in the dark in a wild place, there is no way you will survive.
Under total dusk, it is not possible to perform even one small step.

And if you did not prepare for it before nightfall you will find yourselves completely neutralized! This state of helplessness made it clear to me how important the fire in these situations is.


Fire is a source of heating for cold nights. Without fire, you may freeze to death.

3. Drying

If you or your equipment got wet in the wilderness, a combination of wetness and cold can turn the situation into an emergency.
In such situations, lighting a fire may save your life.

4. Cooking

Cooking in the wilderness and in survival conditions is necessary.
This way you can cook things that are not edible and reduce the chance of getting sick.

Also, cooked food tastes better and is perceived as less repulsive and more humane.
In survival situations, it is important to maintain a high morale.
Anything that can make you happy can save your life.

5. Sterilization and Disinfection of Water (Water Purification)

Heating and boiling drinking water can save your life. Clearwater in nature is not necessarily drinkable In order to reduce the risk of poisoning, it is recommended to boil the water with fire.

6. Marking

In different survival situations, fire can help the rescue forces find you.
To do this, you can set a fire to help mark your position.

7. Exclusion

The fire also helps keep animals away.
If you find shelter in the wilderness, you can use it to ensure that many animals will stay away from you while you sleep.
You can also smoke your hiding place. If you find shelter in a cave, you can smoke its walls and keep animals away from it and prepare it for a living.

8. Protection

Fire is a source of strength and allows you to protect yourself in some cases.
Animals will move away from you if you will wave in front of them with fire and prefer to leave you.

9. Formation

Fire is a source of light and standing around it, staring at the flames and the coals are something that brings people together, creates an opening for conversation and connection.

If you are in a survival mode you will need all your strength and connecting to people in such situations can motivate, be a source of inspiration and provide the strength to do what is needed to survive it and get out of the situation safely.

What Do You Need To Survive In The Wilderness – Conclusion:

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We hope that now you know what do you need to survive in the wilderness and have found this article useful. If you have any comments or any additional survival tips for the wilderness please leave us a comment below.

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