Best Winter Survival Gloves For Wilderness Hikes In Cold Weather

In this article, I will help you with choosing the best winter survival gloves.

Over the years we have tried lots of them in very low-temperature hikes and we will give you our top 3 favorites.

Best Winter Survival Gloves

Öjbro – Perfect Merino Wool  gloves

One of the things that you should always keep in mind while going on an outdoor adventure in the winters is that it is very important to make sure that every part of the body is properly covered, and yes that includes your hands as well. Before you plan any outdoor adventure in winter, make sure that you have a good pair of gloves that are specially designed for low temperatures. These gloves will make sure that your hands remain dry, warm and comfortable throughout the adventure

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What To Look For When Searching For The Best Winter Survival Gloves?

Gloves or Mittens?


There is a never-ending debate about which is better to face cold weather.

A lot of people prefer mittens why? Because they are the warmest option available for your hands as by keeping your fingers together extra body heat is generated which in turns helps a lot when you’re facing extremely cold weather conditions.

But you see the problem with mittens is that they can be pretty useless when it comes to using your hands for basic chores like tying your shoes or driving.

If you plan on using your hands and you’re not just going on a walk in the extreme cold weather, go for gloves as they provide you with better flexibility while still keeping your hands warm.

It is also important to note that no matter how isolated the glove is, it can not produce heat itself, so if the hand is not warm in advance, the glove will not have any warmth that it can maintain.

You will only feel colder as the journey progresses. It is recommended to warm the body before going on the journey – to put on your pants and coat by the fire or in the hottest place available, or move and jump in place to make the blood flow. .

How To Choose Winter Survival Gloves

Unlike sports gloves or summer gloves, winter gloves come in a variety of shapes, styles and models, and the first thing you need to ask yourself when looking for a winter glove is – What do I need from the glove?

One of the misconceptions that lead to the wrong shopping is especially noticeable among new winter hikers – I’m cold in my hands, so I need thick gloves to warm them.

Well, if you are cold in the hands, it is a sign that you are cold all over the body, and in order to preserve the warmth of the internal organs, less blood flowing into the hands in particular and the periphery in general.

In this case, a thermal shirt or additional heating layer may help. You will still need sealed gloves to prevent the heat from flowing through your fingers, but not necessarily the most cumbersome.


You should check for a sufficient amount of insulation when looking for a great pair of gloves.  Materials such as Primaloft, Thermoloft, and wool are great indicators of a well-insulated glove.


The last thing that you want in rough cold weather is your hands dripping with water due to snowy wet conditions. Always go for waterproof gloves. Gloves with a Gore-Tex shell usually provide maximum protection against water.


 Look for gloves with removable liners as they are great for adjusting the level of insulation and warmth control when needed.


A glove with a tacky leather, durable or synthetic palm is better for the grip.


Never compromise on the size of the Gloves. To increase warmth and maneuverability they should fit your hands very tightly.


Gloves go through a lot of abuse in extreme weather conditions, so to ensure that your pair of gloves last beyond just one season always go for the ones that have a year or lifetime warranty.

Where to Buy

It’s better to buy high-quality survival gear from Amazon. You have a variety to choose from moreover, their delivery is quick, and their return policy and quality assurance policies are always top notches.


A good high-quality waterproof and with heavy insulation glove pair costs anywhere from $30-$200 retail prices but If you’re looking for just regular gloves, you can found them for as low as $25. It’s smart to look out for seasonal sales as the best time for purchasing gloves is during the off-season.

Our Top Choices For Survival Gloves For Winter

1. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Bison Leather Glove

Carhartt Men's Insulated Bison Leather Glove
  • The shell is 100% Genuine leather
  • The inner lining is 100% Polyester
  • C100 3m Thinsulate insulation
  • Brushed ploy lining
  • Easy to use safety cuff
  • Bison knuckle protection

If you have been looking for a great pair of quality leather gloves to use in extreme cold weather conditions, then look no more, Carhartts’s insulated Bison Leather glove is the one you should go for. Apart from being warm, durable, and waterproof, they are so soft on the outside and its highly unlikely that they will ever get scratches.

The gloves shell is made up of 100% leather, with 100% polyester lining, providing you with a great balance of a good grip and warmth. So next time when you’re facing the cold weather, Carhartts’s insulated Bison Leather will make sure that you have good grip and dexterity.

2. Marmot Expedition Mitts

Marmot Expedition Mitts
  • Waterproofing is done by DriClime Bi-component lining.
  • Breathable PU laminate used to maximize durability.
  • Primaloft One insulation that comes with ultra-fine synthetic fibers to trap in warmth
  • Gauntlet drawcord and wrist strap for keeping the snow out and warmth in 
  • Extra safety leash included for security

These mitts are originally made for Mount Everest climbers or South Pole Scientists so they are extremely warm. Marmot Expedition Mitts are PrimaLoft-stuffed waterproof mitts and are so puffy that they will keep your hands warm and toasty even at -30 F. These mitts are best suited for mountaineering as they have sufficient insulation for keeping your hands.

3. Öjbro Swedish made 100% Merino Wool Soft Thick & Extremely Warm Suede Touch Gloves

Öjbro Swedish made 100% Merino Wool Soft Thick & Extremely Warm Suede Touch Gloves
  • Very soft pillow-like 100% Merino wool gloves
  • Looks great and designed to serve you in any situation – driving and using your phone too.
  • Several layers of protection will keep your hands very warm in the coldest conditions.
  • Proven to Help curb an attack of Raynaud’s disease.

Do you prefer the comfort and the touch of wool gloves? than these pair of gloves is the best wool gloves out there!

These gloves are the softest, most comfortable and warm gloves that I have ever tried.

From the first touch, you can feel the high quality of the gloves, they are very thick but also looks great and fashionable.

You can immediately feel that a lot of thought has been invested in their production and they combine a perfect ratio of style, comfort, warmth, and functionality.

The main Con of wool gloves is that they are not waterproof – for this case you can always buy a cheap waterproof outer shell that will get you covered.


The main characteristics of winter glove – these are the things to look for when buying a winter survival gloves.

Sealing – In low price range are gloves with non-breathing sealing, usually some kind of nylon.
If you do not sweat too much with your hands or make short trips – that will do.

The middle classes have opacity from breathable fabrics – these allow the vapor to evaporate and are more comfortable, especially on long trips.

At the edge of the scale are membrane fabrics of brands such as Gortex, which provide a durable fabric with a lifetime warranty for waterproofing, ensuring that apart of the warranty itself, it is designed to last for many years.

Shielding – Some people will need gloves that offer protection, usually, it will be people who do sky but it can be other activities. Here, too, at low prices, there are gloves with very little protection – both from beatings and rubbing, They look like upgraded ski gloves.

In the average price tag are gloves with added wrist and fingers protectors, but most of the material made of the glove is cloth and therefore will not survive high-speed skating for example.

At the edge of the scale – gloves that are made from full leather, combined with shields.

Heating and insulation – in addition to prices it is a matter of style. Any thermal insulation added to the glove detracts from the tactility and sensitivity of the fingers, and depending on your hiking style may be critical for you.

On the lower level, there are thick insulators that help maintain heat, but they are thick and massive and do not necessarily evaporate sweat.
On a higher level, there are isolations of big brands that will usually be thinner and help to swell sweat from the hand.

I hope that we helped you to find the best winter survival gloves for your needs.

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