Best Seats To Survive A Plane Crash – This Could Save Your Life!

Which seats are most likely to survive an airplane accident? Are there any best seats to survive a plane crash?
In this article, I will help you with these questions and will tell you what do the experts say!

There have been quite a few accidents in the world over the past years, but is there a way to survive it?
What if we told you that the place you were sitting on in the plane might affect your chances of survival in a crash? Meet the seats that might save lives!

The crash of the Boeing 737 of Ethiopian Airlines this year, in which all 157 passengers and crew members were killed, raises serious questions: the plane crashed about six minutes after taking off, and its crew reported some technical flaw and began maneuvering back to landing, but it was an entirely new airplane, Boeing 737 Max 8, which only six months ago left the factory.

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And if that were not enough, last October a Lion Air plane crashed over the Java Sea, also from the same model. And in that case, too, all 189 of his inhabitants were killed.

These crashes are in addition to the plane crashes that have occurred in recent years, including the fall of Malaysia Airlines by a rocket in Ukraine, the disappearance of the Air Asia flight, and the crash of a trans-Asian plane in Taiwan – causing many to fear before boarding the plane.

But what if we told you that the seat you were sitting on in the plane might affect your chances of surviving a crash?

best seats to survive a plane crash

Best Seats To Survive A Plane Crash – These seats are most likely to survive when the plane goes down

A few minutes before the Trans-Asia flight, which hit the bridge and plunged into the river, a pair of Taiwanese who boarded the plane with their son swapped seats.

The father heard a disturbing noise coming from the left side of the plane and asked the flight attendants to move with his family to the other side of the plane. This move saved the lives of the family.

The Boeing aircraft manufacturer claims that the seats on the plane are equally safe, but the question is, are certain seats on the plane likely to save you in the event of an accident? Airport researcher Don Knutson says it is very difficult to say what the are the odds of a passenger to survive an accident.

“It all depends on how the plane crashes, how fast the crash, into what it crashes and how the plane moves before the crash,” he says. For example, if the left side of the plane is damaged, it is probably recommended not to sit on this side. “

The first 90 seconds after the plane crash – the most critical ones

However, according to studies on plane crashes, there are seats on the plane where there is a greater chance of survival.

Professor Ed Galea of the University of Greenwich in London analyzed over 100 seating charts of crashed airplanes.

He found that people sitting in the five rows closest to the emergency exit line were more likely to escape a crash.

“Many people manage to survive the initial impact of the aircraft, but do not get off the plane fast enough.” Says Galea. “The first 90 seconds after a crash are considered to be the most important by safety experts.”

If a person sits close to the emergency exit, he will be able to get off the plane faster – necessary if the plane ignites or begins to sink into the water.

In addition to the seats near the emergency exits, transit seats that allow quicker access to an emergency exit from the plane may be the difference between life and death.

The rear seats on the plane are also statistically safer. According to Galea’s study, people sitting in the last rows on the plane are 40 percent more likely to survive a crash.

“If the plane crashes in its nose, the front part of the plane’s body will absorb most of the collision,” says Galea. “We regularly see that the tail of a crashed plane remains intact, while the rest of the plane is completely dismantled.”

To reassure you, it is said that the likelihood of being involved in an aviation accident, especially one involving fatalities, is very small.

According to the European Council for Traffic Safety (ETSC), which has examined aircraft accidents around the world, if the plane has not lowered altitude, there is a chance of more than 90 percent that the plane will survive. “The plane is safer than any other means of transport,” concludes Knutson.

So now when you know which are the best seats to survive a plane crash, we wish you a safe and nice flight!

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