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Are Swiss Army Knives Good For Survival?

When it comes to the best survival knives, you will find that you are spoiled for choices. There is so much variety and so many options for you to choose from, each tool having a plethora of unique features that make it ideal for different situations and settings.

Apart from knives, there are a number of other tools designed specifically to help in survival situations.


However, many people wonder whether a multipurpose tool like a swiss army knife can be used similarly for survival purposes. So are swiss army knives good for survival? Let’s explore:

Are Swiss Army Knives Good For Survival?

What makes the Swiss Army knife different from a typical survival knife is that it is much more than simply a knife. Having a Swiss Army knife stashed away in your pocket or bag is similar to having a little tool box on your person. This still contraption hides an assortment of various handy tools and trinkets within its slender entity to enable you to derive maximum functionality out of a single device.

swiss knife

But while that can prove to be extremely handy and convenient in day to day tasks and situations, you have to wonder if it is truly the best possible tool for the sake of surviving or making your survival easy out in the wilderness or the outdoors.

You may be surprised to discover just how much you can accomplish with this little tool out in the open. Many of us already own one but do not realize its potential since we have never used it outside of our homes.

It is a multitool device that can fit in your pocket, meaning if you get the right combination of tools, you can make great use of it and possibly rid yourself of having to carry a number of other items whenever you trek or hike out.

The good news is that Swiss Army knives are available in a variety of different models and combinations (as well as colors- you do not necessarily have to stick with red).

What Can You Use A Swiss Army Knife For?

A simple Swiss Army knife is actually a very versatile tool- you just need to know how to work with it. Let’s take a look at some of the essential survival tasks you can accomplish with the help of a Swiss Army knife only:

Cutting Metal

Swiss knife cutting metal

Your Swiss Army device will contain a pair of pretty sharp and efficient knives- a bigger and a smaller one- either of which can be used for typical slicing and cutting purposes. Although it may not be as strong or robust as a dedicated, full tang survival knife. Regardless, it is still good enough to slice through strings, ropes, fabric, thin metal surfaces, and food material. You can even pair it with a tin can to create a makeshift stove by poking holes.

Precise Cutting

Swiss Army knife cutting

When it comes to cuts that your knife simply cannot handle, you can turn to the reliable pair of scissors in your arsenal. These prove to be extremely useful, particularly, in first aid situations where you need better precision and control.

Sawing Wood

Swiss Army knife saw

One of the most useful tools in the Swiss Army knife is the saw. This little, toothed blade can perform a number of different tasks for you, including sawing small pieces of wood or tree branches. You can use these thin, cut branches to create a haul for yourself or your stuff. You can also use it to notch up your fire board.

Building A Fire

Using the assortment of trinkets from the device, you can easily accumulate enough shavings and material to start a fire. Apart from the tools already inside the contraption, you can even use it to store some ignition if you do not have access to a fire starting kit, such as steel wool or some flint.

Maintaining Your Gear

If you tend to traverse the outdoors quite often, you may have certain devices, machinery, and tools that you may like to carry with you. The screwdrivers in your Swiss Army knife will be of great assistance in case something break down and needs a second look to get it working again.

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