The Best Fire Protection Blanket For Welding, Forest, And Wildfire.

After the horrible fires that raged in California recently, I have decided to explore and to write on the best wildfire and forest fire protection Blanket which happens to be also a great welding blanket that comes with a cheap price and a great value.

Tonyko® Heavy Duty Fiberglass Protective Blanket has been found as one of the best welding and wildfire cheap blankets on the market.

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Wildfire is natural phenomena and it has served a purpose over the years and help the ecosystem accordingly, for example, only some breeds of beetle breed in the heat of the fire, pine cone germinates with periodic fires, and the clear up space by wildfire help new plants to spring. The extent and intensity with which wildfires happening now are one of the effects of climatic changes around the globe. Wildfire has burned more than 6000000 acres of land just the US. And if you look at the damage caused by a wildfire between 2000- 2018, we can see that caused by these incidents have reached the threshold. Most importantly not only the number of wildfires has increased but also the length of these wildfire has increased by 19 % as compared to what it was in the early 1970s.

The Best Welding blanket That will serve you well also as a Wildfire and Forest fire Protection Blanket.

Firefighters play a vital role in preventing and protecting against such event however some fires such as California campfire even these brave souls fail to save their own lives in the process of fighting the fire.

Even the best of firefighting needs good equipment and appropriate mode of transportation and good backup and response team in order to fight fire with a minimum number of causalities.

With the increasing number of cases of damage done by Wildfire now even NASA is concerned and is involved in developing a product that will use spacecraft protection technology to design a fire blanket for the protection of the firefighters.

Fire Protection Blanket for Wildfire and welding

Welding fire blanket -The best product available that protects against wildfires

Tonyko fire blanket is so far the best product available in the market, this product claims to provide longer protect against fire as compared to others. It is a multipurpose product that can be used while welding.


It is an economic product in which even locals who live in areas prone to a wildfire can keep them at home as a safety measure for the whole family. It costs only $ 12 for one blanket regardless of its size.

check its current price on Amazon.


This product is non-combustible and has high-temperature resistance i.e. up till 580℃.  This Product is specifically designed to provide protection against sparks of fire during welding and it is suitable for isolating welding Sparks and spatters. And prevents fires which may be caused by welding This blanket is also use for isolating light welding and maintaining a safe and clean the welding space. Another use of this blanket can be before dealing with hot tools such as welding cutters. 


This Welding blanket is made of fiberglass fabric and it much is thicker than other fire blankets that provide extra protection. It also has a soft fluffy structure.


This product is available on Amazon and eBay and it is the highest-rated product as compared to its alternatively available on the site.


This product comes in multiple sizes

  1. Extra Small (39.3 x 39.3 inches)
  2. Small S (47.2 x 47.2 inches)
  3. Medium M (47.2 x 70.0 inches)
  4. Large L (59.0 x 59.0 inches)
  5. Extra-large XL (78.0 x 78.0 inches)
  6. Extra-large XXL (78.7 x 78.7 inches)


This product is very lightweight. and easy to carry as it only weighs two pounds. This is a major plus point of the product as it makes it easy for the user to take anywhere with him and in cases of fire-related emergency, it does not weigh him down and make it easy to escape the fire with carrying a lot of weight.

Protection level

This product is specifically designed for protecting against welding firs however, it can be using case is awful wildfire as it provides extra protection as compared to similar products in the market. In terms of fire protection, this product ranks on the top of products available in the same category.

This welding and fire blanket is not only suitable for keeping at home to be used in cases of emergency it is a very good option to keep in large shopping malls, supermarkets hotels and other public places in their emergency kits. Therefore, it can be said that it a good product; given the sizes that it comes in, the price and weight of the product and most importantly, the number of good reviews it has.

The blanket is intended for fire protection, as well as for extinguishing a burning person and sources of fire.

In order to extinguish a burning person, wrap the victim with the blanket and roll him on the floor and call for help.

In order to turn off the source of fire, cover the entire fire with the blanket, and leave it until the cooling place and call the fire department.

I hope that I helped you with finding the best welding and wildfire protection blanket.

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  1. I have a question rather than a comment.
    Can this type of “blanket” be used under a campfire? I’m thinking of a “Leave No Trace” option for a campfire site.
    Thanks for your time.

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